News of the Past by C.J. Johnson

100 Years Ago –April 5, 1912 FRONT PAGE: Half page ad announced “Opening! Notice! We have just opened a new and up-to-date stock of Hardware and Furniture in the Town of Noxapater at Noxapater Hardware Company – Baine & Hunt” MARRIED: On Sunday, March 24, 1912, at the Methodist parsonage in the quiet little city of Chester, Choctaw county, Miss., Mr. Emmett E. Morgan of near Spay and Miss Nettie Allbritton of Fentress, Rev. W. M. Commander officiating. NOXAPATER: Mrs. C. C. McLeod of Rocky Hill vicinity spent a few days here this week with her father, Mr. H. B. Duck. – Mr. Orrin Hopkins had the misfortune to be thrown from a buggy when the mule was startled and get one of his legs broken. – Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Webb moved into their pretty new home last week. ROCKY HILL: Mr. L. P. Robinson has measles this week, there are seven more in the family to have it. – Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Land visited the latter’s father, Mr. Hailey, in Kemper Saturday, who we regret to say is seriously ill. LOUISVILLE: Born, to Mr. and Mrs. William Eskridge on the 24th, a fine boy. – Born to Mr. and Mrs. Giles Boyd on the 27th, a fine girl. – Our street and road managers should get very busy now while old Sol is doing business, and get the public highways in passable condition. – Mr. H. J. Gammill attended the Republican Convention held at Jackson last week. DEATHS: Capt. J. H. Overstreet, 70, died last Sunday morning, March 31st, 1912, after an illness of several weeks. He moved here nine years ago from Kemper county, had been a one term supervisor and a constant member of the Methodist church. CLAYTOWN: – The farmers are beginning to haul their fertilizer. – Measles are raging. – The weather Sunday prevented services at Rocky Hill in the morning and Sunday school at Claytown in the afternoon. 75 Years Ago – April 2, 1937 LOUISVILLE: Many of our collegiate young ladies and young men are home for spring holidays. – Mrs. T. A. Parks, Mrs. Norman Parks, Mrs. S. S. Upchurch and Miss Jennie Mae Harper and Mrs. Dan Peters attended the Pilgrimage in Natchez, Sunday. – Miss Dot Carr, who is taking a business course in Bowling Green, Ky., is here for a week’s visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Carr. MACEDONIA: Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Rodgers are rejoicing over the arrival of a winsome little daughter who came March 26th. – The children of this community enjoyed an Easter egg hunt at Mr. and Mr. J. B. Jones, Sunday afternoon. DEATHS: Funeral services for Mr. Alexander Smith, 84, were held March 24th at Rocky Hill. He died at his home near the Kemper county line on the 23rd. – Mrs. T. L. Melton, 67, died at her home in north town on the night of March 25th, following a lingering illness. BETHANY: Born to Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Eaves, a six and one-half pound boy on March 13th. They have named him Carvel Max. – Mr. and Mrs. Claude Richardson and family and Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Ming and family spent Easter with Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Turner. MARRIAGES: Mr. Cecil Bowell and Miss Pauline Caperton were married on Tuesday evening, March 23, by Rev. C. C. Weaver at the Parsonage home. – Mr. Alvis Simms and Miss Ruby Tabor were married Sunday afternoon at the home of the bride just south of town, Rev. J. N McMillin officiating. NOXAPATER: A large audience was present at the Missionary Rally held at the Baptist church last Thursday. – Miss Lois McLeod, who has been Librarian here in the Noxapater unit of the County Library, left Thursday for Tupelo, where she has a position with the Telephone company. – Miss Cecil Caperton returned home Saturday from Vance, where she visited her sister, Mrs. Carl Lipe and family. The Louisville Theater changed hands this week when Mr. and Mrs. Al West sold out to the Strand Enterprise of Memphis, Tenn. The new owners took charge this week, with Mr. C. R. Harwood as manager. The purchasing Company has a number of picture shows in our State, and has strong connections with the movie world. BOND: Mr. and Mrs. Autly Loyd are the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy who made his arrival of March 17. – Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hamm on March 24th, a fine boy. – Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Barnhill, a fine boy on March 19th.