News of the Past by C.J. Johnson

100 Years Ago – December 6, 1912 NOXAPATER: Mr. and Mrs. Sam Crow and little daughter of Louisville spent Thanksgiving here in the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Hunt. – Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hickman and Mrs. (Dr.) T. F. Kilpatrick and others attended court at Philadelphia this week.

MARRIAGES: On last Sunday evening, December 1, Mr. Perry Massey and Miss Clark Carter married in Noxapater at the home of Mr. Filer, Judge L. Filer officiating. – Mr. Clyde Speakes and Miss May Lee of Plattsburg were united in marriage in Noxapater on Saturday evening, November 23, with Judge L. Filer performing the ceremony. – Mr. Rome Gillis and Miss Bessie Landrum were married November 28th in the northern part of the county, Supervisor J. B. Goode officiating.

LOUISVILLE: The area has suffered with a lot of sickness and a number of sad deaths in the past few weeks. – We extend sympathies to Mr. and Mrs. John Crowell in the sad death of their little two year old girl, which occurred at their home east of town on the 1st, inst; to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hindman in the death of their little babe, which occurred on the 1st inst., east of town; and to Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Tabor of Fearn Springs on the death of their little two year old girl, who died on the 2nd, inst. – Our town is not enforcing the stock law and the good ladies of town cannot keep pretty yards when the loose cows and hogs are devastating everything that is not enclosed with an iron fence.

DEATHS: Mr. Doss Woodruff died at his home at an early hour Saturday, and was laid to rest at Enon cemetery. He was born and raised in the Rocky Hill area. – Mr. John Hanna died at his home seven miles east of here on the 1st, inst. He had been in feeble health for some time.

LIBERTY: Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John Wilkes, on the 28th, a fine girl. – Misses Hassie and Mattie Kelly attended the play at Noxapater Friday night, returning home Sunday.

75 Years Ago – December 3, 1937 LOUISVILLE: Mrs. Mildred Nabers and two children, Fred and Ruth, attended the Christmas parade in Memphis last Friday night. Mrs. M. L. Montgomery and son also witnessed the beautiful holiday parade. – Mrs. Roger Parkes, Mr. H. O. Fancher, Mrs. Frank Fair, Jr., and Mayor Frank Reich spent Thursday in Columbus selecting shrubbery for the boulevards of the town. – Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Thoåçrnton of Greenville spent the week end here with their sister, Miss Virginia Fant.

MARRIAGES: Mr. J. M. Caldwell and Noxapater’s Miss Walterine Myatt surprised their many friends Saturday night, November 27, when their marriage was solemnized in the home of Rev. J. L. Ward, with Rev. Ward officiating. They will make their home in Monroe, La. – Mr. Joe C. Holsenback of Meridian and Miss Mary Lee Webb of Louisville were married at the home of the bride’s parents, with the Rev. Dr. J. N. McMillin, pastor of the Louisville Baptist church, officiating the single ring ceremony. The couple will reside in Meridian. – At Mt. Pleasant, friends were happy for Mr. Leon Monroe of Decatur and Miss Ida Louise Young, who were married on Thanksgiving day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Young. Rev. W. S. McAlilly of Louisville performed the ceremony. – New Hope reported the news that Miss Emma Shaw and Mr. John Wright surprised their friends when they married last Sunday afternoon. – Last Tuesday, November 23, Mr. Ernest Myatt of Noxapater and Miss Lydia Leonard were quietly married in the bride’s home in Bethel Springs, Tennessee. They will make their home near Noxapater on their farm.

The new Louisville Tabernacle, located on South Mississippi Avenue, opened Sunday, December 5th. The building is not finished, but is completed sufficiently to conduct services in. The pastor is Miss Mable Colby.

NOXAPATER: Miss Gertrude Filer left Tuesday for Meridian for a visit with her sister, Mrs. G. E. Johnson and family. – Misses Cleo Barnes, Evelyn Crow, Rebecca Fraser, and Gaynell McNeel of M. S. C. W. spent Thanksgiving holidays with home folks here. – Mrs. R. L. Stevens and son Eric of Laurel spent Sunday here, guests of Mrs. J. C. Hickman and Mrs. Lydia Clower and families.

The recent visit of the Marine Corps recruiters to Louisville proved very successful, with four young and aspiring applicants successfully passing the rigid physical examination at New Orleans yesterday. The newly enlisted Marines include Daniel H. Cockrell (whose brother Warren enlisted earlier in November), half-brothers Theo D. McCool and William T. Easterwood, and Odell D. Rogers. The new Marines will join Warren at the Marine Base at Passis Island, S. C. to undergo recruit training.

Published this week was a photograph of the new Cities Service Station, which just opened on South Church Street opposite the Strand Theatre, J. W. Long, Manager. The formal opening will be Saturday, with souvenirs for all the kids.

ELLISON RIDGE: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Eaves on November 28th, a fine son. – Everyone enjoyed the splendid program given by the Blackwood Brothers last Wednesday night.