November election ballot holds few surprises

The Winston County Ballots for the November 6 election will include five election commissioner posts yet none of those seeking the election commissioners posts in the county will face any opposition.

District 1 will have Shawn Butts running but without opposition and Lisa Watson present District 1 commissioner did not seek reelection.

In District 2 Dell Gillett seeks reelection. In District 3 Dean Miller seeks reelection. In District 4 Mattie Cooper seeks reelection and in District 5 Mary Reed seeks reelection. Since none face any opposition, all should be placed in office in January 2013.

Voters in Mississippi will elect one member to the U.S. Senate and Winston County Voters will vote in the First Congressional for the first time in the November 6, 2012 elections.

On the ballot: 1st Congressional District Alan Nunnelee, Republican incumbent Brad Morris, Democrat Jim R. Bourland, Constitution Party candidate Danny Bedwell, Libertarian Party candidate Chris Potts, Reform Party. U.S. Senate Roger Wicker Incumbent, Republican Albert N. Gore, Democrat Thomas Cramer, Constitution party Shawn O’Hara, Reform party President Barack Obama, Democrat Incumbent Mitt Romney, Republican.