Noxapater names new head football coach

By Austin Bishop
The Winston County Journal

Casey Orr has been named the new head football coach at Noxapater High School. He replaces Justin Hunter, who recently took a job as offensive coordinator for Pearl High School
“I was just in the right place at the right time,” Orr said of his new position as head football coach. Chet Wilkes will be the new director of athletics at Noxapater.
Orr has served as defensive coordinator at Noxapater for the past two seasons and is also head baseball coach.
“I am going to continue to coach baseball as well,” he said. “I have been involved with those kids for the last two years and we have gone through a lot together. We have a really young class and they have a lot of talent and are just getting better.”
Orr also said he will continue to be defensive coordinator, while John Davis will be the offensive coordinator. With the loss of a huge senior class, Orr knows the 2014 season will be challenging.
“We had 12 or 13 seniors, four of which are going to play junior college football,” he said. “We lost some very good players. All five starting offensive linemen will have to be replaced and we will have eight new starters on offense and defense.”
While the Noxapater offense has been wide-open the past few years, Orr said the passing game will be dialed back just a bit this year.
“Coach Hunter was a ‘fun-and-fun’ type guy,” he said. “I am just a gun guy and am going to take the fun out of it. I am a run first type of guy who wants to take care of the football and then go play defense.
“On offense I like to line up and move the ball,” Orr said. “It will be a change for the kids, but we will keep a lot of the same stuff. It will basically be the same system.”