Noxapater sprucing up for spring and Gov. visit

From press reports

The Town of Noxapater officials, staff and volunteers are in the midst of sprucing up the whole town.

Presently, workers are working to complete the Noxapater Medical Clinic landscaping and area. The clinic opened in December with work ongoing on the exterior and parking areas.

Winston Medical Center, Town of Noxapater, Winston County and Winston County Economic Development Partnership will host a ribbon cutting for the clinic on April 28 at 10 a.m. The public is invited and Gov. Phil Bryant has tentatively accepted an invitation to attend.

Fire Department and other sprucing up

The ribbon cutting at the clinic coincides with the recent repainting and cleanup of the fire station in Noxapater.

Noxapater volunteer firefighters Trent Moore, Danny Sullivan, Chris Young, D.J. Reed, Rex Allen Smith, and Johnny W. Young.

Noxapater volunteer firefighters Trent Moore, Danny Sullivan, Chris Young, D.J. Reed, Rex Allen Smith, and Johnny W. Young.

The Noxapater Fire Department has a great record of volunteering in the community and not just for fighting fires according to Noxapater Mayor Sammy Carter.

“They serve the entire county and are passionate about what they do for the community,” said Carter.

The department presently has 16 total volunteer firemen but when it started on July 31, 1975 it inly had three volunteers.

The new firehouse that recently received a new coat of paint and other cleaning was built in March 2003 with a SMLPC grant. For several years, the fire department only had one fire truck and one pick-up truck that provided by the town. The pick-up was used as a grass truck and had a pump and hose attached to the back. Fire Department now has five trucks including a truck with the Jaws of Life. They are the only department that can use the Jaws of Life in the south half of the county.

The department volunteers work during tornado season helping spot tornados, clean up afterwards, and cut trees out of roadways along with any rescue efforts needed.

They have worked hard to lower the fire rating from 9 to 8, and continue to work toward lowering it further by updating equipment. Lowering fire rating can lower homeowner’s insurance rates. All the volunteers are trained to handle any emergency that may arise. Noxapater Volunteer Fire Department works well with all other emergency personnel, law enforcement, and the MS Forestry Commission when called out to any emergency situation according to Carter.

The present volunteer firemen are:

  • D.J. Reed (Chief) Jimmy Lovorn
  • Trent Moore
  • Johnny Young
  • Rex Smith
  • Chris Byrd
  • Richard Byrd
  • John Paul Young
  • Jimbo Lovorn
  • Chris Young
  • Danny Sullivan
  • Mark Reed
  • Steve Jones
  • Paul Smith
  • Matt Reed
  • Tim Reed