Noxapater water workers providing A plus water for commmunity

From staff reports

Noxapater Water System recently announced that the water system for the town and Flower Ridge community are perfect, according to the Mississippi State Department of Health.

After a rigorous inspection and evaluation of the water system, it earned a perfect score of 5.0.

“There is a lot that goes into making our water not only safe to drink, but making it the best quality water possible,” said Sammie Carter, the mayor of Noxapate “We could not be more pleased with these results and thank Wayne Green, Paul Smith and Dustin Sullivan for their professional operation of our system.”

Carter noted that the system gained the score under the leadership of Wayne Green with assistance from Paul Smith and Dustin Sullivan.

Each water system in Mississippi is subject to an annual evaluation by the state department of health in the following areas:

Technical – Evaluates the functioning of processes and equipment, system maintenance and emergency backups.

Managerial – Evaluates record keeping, operational policies and procedures, long range improvement plans and the effectiveness of the cross connection control program.

Financial – Evaluates the review and adjustment of water rates, annual budget, financial accounting system and State audit reports.

“Fulfilling the state department’s stringent evaluation standards requires great operational focus and expertise. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to Noxapater and Flower Ridge’s residents and we are proud that these results show how our efforts are paying off for the community,” said Carter.

Presently, the Noxapater Water System is working on a new higher capacity water tower and how to have the project completed soon.

Dustin Sullivan, Paul Smith and Wayne Green

Dustin Sullivan, Paul Smith and Wayne Green