Nuclear ideas for Mississippi discussed at Rotary

From staff reports


The head of the privately funded Mississippi Energy Institute explained to the Louisville Rotary Club, the institute work on bringing jobs and other opportunities to the state with a “nuclear option.”

Patrick Sullivan discussed the discussion that needed to occur about nuclear energy.

“A big reason for our existence is to help advance the public discourse on realistic opportunities in energy policy and economic development and our nuclear concept is a good example of that,” Sullivan said

He said the nuclear energy options and the economic potential is what attracted the MEI to the idea.

“It’s going to be a huge industry,” he said.

He said other parts of the United States already have “big nuclear clusters,” mostly around national labs that have a lot of nuclear engineers and a lot of nearby nuclear businesses. He said those clusters are responsible for about 24,000 jobs and contributed $3.5 billion to their states’ economies. He said it would take about 30 years to create something like that in Mississippi.

The state’s starting point he said would be “consolidated fuel storage from the commercial reactors,” he said.

Sullivan added the government-owned system in France could be a model.

“France took our recycling technology and made it work and has been doing it for 30 years,” he said. Sullivan said it would take major policy changes at the state and federal level to do something like that in Mississippi but that the idea needed to be discussed and examined as a viable economic development tool.

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