Nunnelee talks economic development and more

By Joseph McCain

The Winston County Journal


Congressman Alan Nunnelee spoke to a crowd of approximately 50 people at the recent Rotary Club of Louisville program.

Congressman Nunnelee was the guest speaker for the program on August 7 which hosted by EMEPA and the Louisville Rotary Club

Wayne Henson, EMEPA General Manager, who introduced Congressman Nunnelee explained that it was important to have meetings with “our” representatives to help us understand the work and happenings in congress.

Congressman Nunnelee spoke about government spending, the affordable healthcare act, Medicare, Veteran’s benefits, the unemployment rate and economic development.

Nunnelee said he feels like he is more efficient when out visiting constituents and learning their views.

“I’m a more effective representative after I have returned home and visited with the voters,” he said. “Our founders envisioned citizenry lawmakers and not persons working away from the people in marbled halls.”

Nunnelee focused several of his key points on economic development and the need of the things to get the economy thriving including responsible government spending, end out of control government regulation and develop an energy secure nation.

“You can’t ran a government effectively when 42 cents of every dollar spent is borrowed money,” said Nunnelee. “We are passing this debt onto the next generation.”

Congressman Nunnelee added that while no one wanted to end regulations that kept the environment clean that over regulation was happening in too many areas.

“When spilled milk is considered hazardous waste then the regulations are excessive,” said Nunnelee.

Nunnelee also discussed the many problems with the affordable care act and the problems it is causing businesses.

Nunnelee encouraged citizens to contact his office to help address any future concerns or answer any further questions.