Only one qualifies for district 1 school board seat

From staff reports


The Louisville Municipal School District will have a new member in January 2014.

With only one candidate qualifying for the LMSD District 1 the Winston County Election Commissioners should certify Sheila Hickman as the winner and cancel the November election.

Sheila Hickman, a retired educator, will take the seat of District 1 school board member Claire Crowell who did not seek reelection.

The LMSD election was originally set for March of 2013 but the legislature changed the law in 2012 to move the election to the November election cycle. With the change, Crowell served an extended term on the board.

The last day to register for the election was Oct.4 and required 150 signatures. With only one qualifier the election for Nov. 5 will not be held and Hickman should take the oath of office in January. Board members serve 5-year terms with the terms staggered meaning that the five school board members begin and end their terms in different years (instead of having all five members enter and leave office in the same year).


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