Outreach Partners completes project

Remember an event held in January called “Turning the Tide on Poverty?” That event was sponsored by Winston County Partners for Community Living, or WCPCL for short. Some people want to know what were the results of that event and the Community Talk Circles it generated. One group that is a direct result of that event is called Outreach Partners.

Outreach Partners is a group of concerned Winston County citizens whose mission is to lend a helping hand to those of our community in need. The need can be simple such as someone to transport them to the grocery store, pick up medications for them, yard work or small construction jobs. One such small construction job was recently completed for Kim Willoughby.

Ms. Willoughby has been wheelchair bound for more than 14 years and needed a new wheelchair ramp. Outreach volunteers Kenny Little and Marty Lynch built her a new ramp. The ramp was financed by Pleasant Hill UMC and Golden Triangle Planning and Development District.

Outreach Partners are looking for more projects and more volunteers to help. If you know of someone in need or are able to help contact the Winston County Chamber office for more information. Our group meets every 1st and 3rd Monday night at 7 p.m. at the Church of Christ on East Main Street and Bond Rd.

Everyone has a talent, come and help your community be a better place to live.