Assists at State Capitol

3-10-2016 004

Jamal Kelly of Louisville, (left), Orlando Bourrage of DeKalb, (center), and Brandon Hooks of DeKalb recently served as pages for the Mississippi Senate. Pages generally run errands for officials and Senate staff. … Read more

Letters to the Editor – 03/16/2016

Patterson letter makes prevalent point

Bully for Elmetra Patterson’s letter to editor in Journal’s March 1 issue. But I beg Elmetra to lighten up somewhat and try to see a suggestion with some humor in it, is not necessarily an … Read more

Home-Cooked Favorites: Easy from Brock

What exciting recipes I have for you this week, readers! Last week, I had dozens of comments on my easy cheesy chicken spaghetti recipe, and believe me, readers—it is the very best! What I have come to learn in the … Read more

Correction – 03/16/2016

In the March 2 edition of the Winston County Journal the Distinguished Young Women article should have stated that the ECCC scholarship amount was $1,980 per year. … Read more