Letters to the Editor – 03/16/2016

Patterson letter makes prevalent point

Bully for Elmetra Patterson’s letter to editor in Journal’s March 1 issue. But I beg Elmetra to lighten up somewhat and try to see a suggestion with some humor in it, is not necessarily an … Read more

Home-Cooked Favorites: Easy from Brock

What exciting recipes I have for you this week, readers! Last week, I had dozens of comments on my easy cheesy chicken spaghetti recipe, and believe me, readers—it is the very best! What I have come to learn in the … Read more

Correction – 03/16/2016

In the March 2 edition of the Winston County Journal the Distinguished Young Women article should have stated that the ECCC scholarship amount was $1,980 per year. … Read more

Editorial Roundup – 03/16/2016

State can’t afford Reeves’ tax cuts

Tate Reeves’ crystal ball must have a rosy tint to it. It certainly seems unrealistic and imprudent, based on Mississippi’s recent economic trends, for the lieutenant governor to be pushing this year for a … Read more