Letters to the Editor – 12/23/2015

Confederate controversy
The flag controversy has somewhat faded into the background but already, we’re enmeshed in a new argument. New Orleans City Council voting 8-1 to remove monuments and statues relating to confederate leaders and generals.… Read more

Culinary Arts enjoys visitor

Cheryl Lindsey recently visited the new Culinary Arts program at the Winston-Louisville Career and Technology Center (WLCTC). Her granddaughter, MiKayla Sullivan is enrolled in Culinary Arts I. The Culinary Art’s students were studying how to make stocks, sauces, and soups. … Read more

Dear Santa – 2015

Dear Santa,
My name is Jessica Nicole Jackson. I want a dream house and baby alive, bath set, bike, DS. We are going to get a box of cookie from the store and milk. We hope you enjoy it.
Thank … Read more