Fighting cancer


Cancer is no walk in the park yet research has shown that moderate exercise for 3 hours per week, such as walking, reduces cancer risk by 30-40 percent. … Read more

Good visit

Taylor Museum_1297

Seniors attending an event at Lake Tiak O’Khata took time out to visit the Big Red Fire Museum. … Read more

Merchants ready

Several of the sponsorship merchants gathered to watch the name drawing.

During the holiday season, The Winston County Chamber of Commerce provided chances for everyone to register to win $500 “Louisville Dollars.” Chances to register to win the $500… Read more

Working on the rail

McDevitt Entreprises_0890

Louisville Railcar LLC, part of Mcdevitt Enterprises, recently added to their inventory a small electric Railcar engine. They hoped to soon be apart of the Railcar repair business.… Read more