Does Turkey really make you sleepy?

Turkeys have been the victim of awful rumors for many years – not the least of which regards their potent ability to induce coma in those that consume their meat every year at Thanksgiving. But is that really true? Can … Read more

Shop local on Small Business Saturday

By Ron Aldridge

Every year, Gallup asks people how much confidence they have in various institutions.
The results aren’t surprising. Only 8 percent had “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in Congress. Big business scored 21 … Read more

Nanih Waiya Honor roll

Nanih Waiya Attendance Center 1st 9 Weeks Honor Roll

1st Grade, Special Distinction: Kristen Barnhill, Baileigh Crowson, Caysen Dewberry, Addison Fulcher, Ryelee Fulcher, Talon Hanna, Sanjiya Hickman, Porter Howard, Hannah Mills, Leah Robinson, Rylee Vernon, Levi Yarbrough. Distinction: Justin Chandler, … Read more

Military notes

MEDITERRANEAN SEA (Nov. 1, 2015) Gunner’s Mate Seaman Trillany Sims, from Philadelphia, Miss., loads a powder cartridge into the 54-caliber MK 45 lightweight 5-inch gun aboard USS Porter (DDG 78) during a practice fire Nov. 1, 2015. Porter, an Arleigh … Read more

Trash has its place: not on our roads  

JACKSON, MISS. – Have you ever been driving along a quiet back road with the windows down and the warm breeze blowing through your hair while thoughtfully admiring the late afternoon scenery surrounding you? You admire the gentle, rolling green … Read more