DREAMS leaves legacy of learning

Linda Humphries and Leanne Boswell, Principal of Fair Elementary, look on with students during reading enrichment.

MSU Office of Public Affairs
by Paige Watson

The summer enrichment program named for a late Mississippi State University (MSU) alumni and longtime Louisville Municipal School District (LMSD) teacher is leaving a lasting legacy of learning in Winston county.

In … Read more

Why stick by negative flag?  

By Tim Kalich
Greenwood Commonwealth

When your argument is weak, erect straw men.

That’s what state Sen. Lydia Chassaniol and some other defenders of Mississippi’s state flag did last week when trying to diplomatically explain why they were not in … Read more


A certificate was presented to Deacon Ezra Baker on Father’s Day at Mt. Moriah M.B. Church. Baker, 101 years old, was recognized for his long and devoted service to the church and community. … Read more



On April 27, 2015, Army Colonel (COL) Anthony T. Brown received the 2015 Leadership Excellence Award from the Tennessee Valley Chapter (TVC) of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA).  This award goes to the individual that has demonstrated outstanding leadership … Read more

Local NAACP speaks out about the state flag


By Elmetra Patterson

President Charles Hampton of the Winston County Branch NAACP and 1st Vice President of the NAACP Mississippi State Conference, announced that the local members of the NAACP is in support of the removal of the Confederate Bars … Read more

Welding scholarship

Morris Receives Taylor Advanced Welding Scholarship

Maggie Morris (left), a homeschooled graduate from Louisville, is the recipient of the Taylor Advanced Welding Scholarship at East Central Community College. … Read more