Dyslexia Awareness Month: Go Red

What do Tim Tebow (NFL Quarterback), Jay Leno (Television Host), Whoopie Goldberg (Comedian), Charles Schwab (Stock Market guru), and Henry Winkler (Actor) all have in common? The answer has nothing to do with age, gender, hometown, birthday, or any specific…

News of the Past – 10/21/15

C.J. Johnson, who has deep genealogical roots to Winston County, provides news from past editions of the Winston County Journal. 100 Years Ago – October 22, 1915 LOUISVILLE: Miss Pansy Linch was stricken with appendicitis while at school Monday. She…

WA honor roll

Winston Academy Honor Roll 1st Six Weeks 2015-2016 7th grade to 12th grade (Other WA honor rolls appeared in 10-14 edition). 7th grade Headmaster: Jayden Rodgers, Michael Majors, Tanner Carr, Curry Black; 7th grade Honor

Memories of Our County – 10/21/2015

Nannie Maude Reynolds shares memories and thoughts about Winston County’s past. Dress Have you ever considered the word, “Dress”?  I am sure most of you will relate it to an article of clothing that ladies in our society wear daily.…

Grace Christian honor roll

Grace Christian School 1st 9 Weeks Headmaster Honor Roll/Honor Roll 1st Grade Headmaster Honor Roll: Laci Montgomery, Cade Gregory, Marshall Miller, Eli Burdine. Honor Roll: Charlie Peeples.