Jail Docket – 09/16/15

September 7, 2015 Hardy, Marchristian, L-12 Miler, Warrant, Old Fine. September 8, 2015 Goss, Antonio, 05/15/1993, B/M, Jesse Robinson, WSO, Warrants, Petty Larceny, Tresspassing. September 9, 2015 Edwards, Sarah Megan, 04/15/1988, W/F, CSO Barry Miller, CSO, Trespassing.

Editorial Roundup – 09/16/15

Watch out for deer The recent snap in cool weather has been a welcome change from the long, hot summer that’s typical of the Delta. But as the temperatures drop and as deer hunting and mating seasons approach, that also…

Lady Warriors earn win

By Austin Bishop Winston County Journal Ashlie Thames smashed a homer to help lead Nanih Waiya to an in important 11-9 win over French Camp Academy in nine innings on Monday.

2015 Caperton Reunion held in area

Carolyn Mills September 11, 2015 The 75th Caperton Reunion held annually since 1939 by the descendents of Samuel Henry and Sarah Frances Ball Caperton gathered September 6th in J.W.Young/Mollie Estes Park in Noxapater, MS. First held in the pasture of…