Deer have antlers, not horns

By James L. Cummins
Special to The Journal

In many deer camps throughout Mississippi, it is not uncommon to hear someone refer to a white-tail buck’s headgear as “horns.” In reality, those “horns” are actually antlers.

Horns are made of … Read more

Landscape suggestions given for showy bark

By Lelia Kelly and David Nagel
Extension Horticulture Specialists

In winter, garden features such as bark come into their own. If showy bark is missing in your landscape choose from these suggestions and add some winter interest to your yard. … Read more

News of the Past – 12/31/14

C.J. Johnson, who has deep genealogical roots to Winston County, provides news from past editions of the Winston County Journal.

100 Years Ago – January 1, 1915

LOUISVILLE: Mr. and Mrs. Hollingsworth of Attala county visited their son, W. … Read more