Memories of our County – 10/15/2014

Nannie Maude Reynolds shares memories and thoughts about Winston County’s past.

The weather is always a good subject. It’s always changing. Today, I look out my window as I write and I can see the different colors in the … Read more

Breast Cancer: By the Numbers

The non-profit recently released the following array of statistics related to breast cancer. Visit the organization’s website for a full list of the statistics, as well as helpful resources and information on emerging research related to breast cancer.… Read more

Let’s Be Neighbors! 10/15/2014

Carolyn Mills, provides a weekly view from the community.

A reunion of the family of the late Lee Black and his parents was held at Lake Tiak O’Khata on a Saturday in early October with over forty relatives attending, … Read more

News of the Past – 10/15/2014

C.J. Johnson, who has deep genealogical roots to Winston County, provides news from past editions of the Winston County Journal.

100 Years Ago – October 16¸1914
LOUISVILLE: Mr. and Mrs. R. H. McGraw and son Howell went to New … Read more