WMC brings awareness of WNV

Brought to you by the Winston Medical Center Laboratory

The CDC has reported a higher than usual incidence in West Nile Virus this year and Mississippi has one of the highest rates of infection reported.

West Nile Virus is spread … Read more

The chill factor in Mississippi


Hypothermia in Mississippi? Really? Yes, not only does it happen, but it can be deadly if not treated quickly and appropriately.

Hypothermia is a condition that occurs when the body loses heat faster than heat can be produced. Generally … Read more

Give credit where credit is due

By Wendell Womack

The season has started for high school football all across America, with college and professional just around the corner.

The hard days of summer, that consist of the early morning weight training, the hot hours of running, … Read more

Patriots send Saints Marching Home

By Wendell Womack

Those in attendance for the Winston vs Sylva Bay game last Friday night at Patriot Field were impressed with a new look—in many areas!!

A new and modern press box, an impressive painted field, a new sound … Read more

Wildcats lose season opener to Trojans 43-26

By Daniel Brunty The Winston County Journal

This season’s Louisville Wildcats team has been highly touted in the preseason, earning rankings in the Top 20 in most polls in Mississippi. Looking to travel the road all the way to the … Read more