Pleasant Grove hosts Black History program

By Daniel Brunty
The Winston County Journal

The members of Pleasant Grove U.M. Church in Louisville were proud to host their Celebrating Black History Month program held on February 22, 2014.
The program focused on highlighting the accomplishments of blacks in Winston County, as well as recognizing Black History Month. Around 250 attended the program, including city and county officials. The Master of Ceremony for the program was Alyne Haynes.
DSC_0055 01_DSC_0068 DSC_0093The program began with a welcome from Delisa Coleman, followed by the recognition of the Military Men and Women of Winston County by Elizabeth Triplett. Triplett also recognized the 1st National Guards.
Next was a song performed by the Pleasant Grove Choir, followed by a prayer from Rev. Roosevelt Gage. A presentation of highlights followed. Renee Hampton gave the audience a presentation regarding President Barack Obama, giving a brief bio and praising his efforts.
Cheryl Glenn was next with a presentation about the late Mrs. Rosa Parks, followed by Roderick Holmes speaking about Dr. Martin Luther King. After the offering, recognitions of accomplishments began.
Recognizing the members of the Bank Industry was Lynn Graham, followed by Mayor Will Hill recognizing employees for Government (City Hall). For the Fire Dept. and Government (City Hall) recognitions, Mike Stevenson, Robert Hutto, and Temika Triplett were on hand to present these.
For Chancery Clerk, Julie Cunningham represented the recognitions for this department. Kim Ming presented the recognitions for the Circuit Clerk office, while Larry Woodward recognized the Tax Assessor/Collector, Annex, and Sheriff’s Dept. employees.
Other recognitions were given to the Board of Supervisors, Extension Office, Health Dept., Department of Human Services, medical field, Industry, USDA, FHA, ASCS, Education/School Board, Sports, Businesses, EMEPA and Louisville Utilities, Social Clubs, and other boards.
Towards the end of the program, Mary Goss and rev. Morris McDonald spoke about their experiences of being black, as well as all the trials and tribulations they had been through. Rev. Gage closed the program with a few remarks, and thanked everyone for attending.