Polling Places for Winston County offer several different ballots

From staff reports

The upcoming Democratic and Republican Party Primary Election in Choctaw County will feature a 4 split precincts.

“There will be 6 different ballot styles at the Fairgrounds, 4 ballot styles at Nanih Waiya, 4 ballot styles at Millcreek and 4 ballot styles at county agent,” said Winston County Circuit clerk Kim Ming.

For example Fairground Voters will be presented with a total of six styles of ballots, split between Republican and Democrat. This means that some voters will only see the option to certain House and Senate seats as well as Constable and Justice Court Judges.

The style of ballot the voter receives depends on the voter’s address and where that home falls in the district lines.

Voters should try to make themselves fully aware which office they can vote in and that will help insure they receive the correct ballot.

DSC_0763“There is no such thing as a perfect election and we can all make mistakes. An informed voter can help eliminate any errors,” said Ming.

Here is a list of all polling places in Winston County Polling places.

11 Fairground- Coliseum, 200 Ivy Avenue
21 Nanih Waiya- Nanih Waiya Fire Department, 13866 Hwy 397
22 East Winston- East Winston Fire Department, 10390 Hwy 14 East
23 Lovorn- Lovorn Voting Building, 713 East John C. Stennis Drive
31 Mill Creek- County Barn 3, 5660 Brooksville Road
32 American Legion- United Steel Worker’s Building, 411 East John C. Stennis Drive
41 Zion Ridge- Community Center, 41179 Zion Ridge Road
42 County Agent- County Agent Office, 460 Vance Street
43 Shiloh- Shiloh Fire Department, 2089 C. Huntley Road
51 Noxapater- Noxapater Fire Department, 145 West Main Street
52 Mars Hill- Mars Hill Fire Department, 4470 Mars Hill Road
and 53 New National Guard- National Guard Building, 2310 Hwy 15 South.

Primary election process explained
Party candidates are nominated during party primary elections. Voters cast ballots in the party primary of their choice.

If no candidate receives a majority of the votes, a runoff, or second primary, is held between the two candidates with the most votes. Runoffs are held either two or three weeks after the primary depending on the office.

Voters in the first primary of one party may not “cross over” and vote in the runoff of another party. Persons who do not vote in a first primary may vote in any party’s runoff.

County or municipal party executive committees conduct party primary elections and certify party primary election returns. These certified returns are filed with the applicable voter registrar.
Results of state or state district primaries are sent to the state party executive committee for certification. Certified results of state and state district party primaries are filed with the Secretary of State’s Office.

— from the Mississippi Blue Book

While the respective Democrat and Republican parties oversee the primary elections, in Winston County they have contracted with the Winston County election commissioners in order to make sure the elections are handled in the best and most professional manner.

“Our election commissioners have generously agreed to help and train poll workers, setup and test the machines and assist with the election results,” said Winston County Circuit Clerk Kim Ming. “This helps insure the elections are handled properly and consistently. The technical nature of today’s elections makes it necessary for best suited for the election commissioners to help train and handle the elections.”