Pop culture discussion panel planned at event

From press reports

BubbaWorld Comics will be hosting the BACKWOODS COMICS FESTIVAL at the Louisville, MS Coliseum on Sept. 29 from 10 am till 6 pm with Cartoonists, Web Cartoonists, Novelists, Writers, Comic Book Vendors along with Anime, Steampunk and Paranormal Groups.

The night before ( Friday Sept. 28 ) will feature a Pop Culture Discussion Panel in the Strand Theater at 8:30 pm. There will be Cartoonists talking about web comics and syndicated comics. Writers and Novelists talking about writing. Independent artists and self publishers will be on stage for the discussions. The panels will discuss “how to get your voice and message out’ along with other topics about creativity and audience.

It will only cost $2 a person to go to the Discussion Panel at the Strand and that money will go to the Strand Building renovation fund.

Audience members are encouraged to ask questions. Anyone interested in becoming a cartoonist or writer or just interested in how someone does it should go to this panel.

The BWCF on Sat. Sept. 29 will only be $5 at the door to attend. For More information on the BWCF go to the Bubbaworldcomix.com website and click on the links there.

Leading up to the festival and the panel discussion several articles are planned as reminder about the event.