‘Real Women Rise’ book signing set for March 29

By Gwen Sisson

With a passion to empower women for better future relationships, Louisville native Angie Coats will share her first book, “Real Women Rise,” at the Winston County Library March 29.

The special book signing event will be from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. March 29, and Coats will be available to share insights and personal experiences that have inspired this publication. This program is an extension of National Library Week activities at the Winston County Library.

Coats' book

Coats’ book

Head librarian, Beth Edwards said she likes to feature local authors and authors with local ties, in order to showcase the talent residing in Winston County as part of the National Library Week celebration.

Edwards said she likes the honesty in Coats’ first book.

“It really comes from her heart in such a way that women will immediately understand her message,” Edwards said.

Coats grew up in Louisville and still has many relatives and friends in the area. She said it is very special to her to be able to come to the Winston County Library to “share this exciting time in my life with the town I grew up with.”

Her first book titled, “Real Women Rise,” is a journey of reflection as Coats shares some of the tough changes she has had to make in her own life in regard to romantic relationships.

“We all have endured a rough relationship,” Coats said. “As ‘Real Women’ we need to exhale.

When women give up too much power to a man he will take advantage of it. I say, let’s get our power back and earn the right to be called a ‘Real Woman.’ We have come a long way and that makes us stronger, but we are not perfect, there’s fault in every human being and we have to fix what has been broken. We all have crossed the paths of heartbreaks, headaches, crying and anger.”

Coats said it’s time to make relationships and marriages into what they should be.

“My book is dedicated to women of all races and backgrounds,” Coats said. “I wanted to give a woman’s prospective on the knowledge of men cheating in relationships. With that being said, I want women to take a step back, find what their worth is, and take a stand against womanizing men.”

Coats began writing poetry and gospel music at a very early age. She has always enjoyed writing as a hobby, even while pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice.

The book is published by Vicious Ink Publications and readers can find the book at Amazon.com, BAM, and Barnes & Noble. Books will be available for purchase at the Winston County Library on March 29.

For more information about the book signing event, contact the Winston County Library at (662) 773-3212.