Reflections reunion set for Noxapater

Mt. Pleasant #2 Missionary Baptist (MB) Church will be host to The Reflections of The Noxapater Seven. This will be a heartwarming event on Saturday August 31, 2013 at 5:00 pm beginning with a meet and greet while serving hors d’ oeuvre.

During the 60’s and before, the church played an integral part in the advances that were made over the years, and rightfully so! The Songs we sing, the Word we preach all became woven into the very fabric of our being and provides hope and inspiration both for our generation, as well as generations to follow.

In 1965, seven little children of the Hathorn Community of Mt. Pleasant #2 MB Church integrated Noxapater Elementary School. As children, we didn’t understand all the things that were going on, but now as we reminisce on our childhood, our church, our community, and our school; we want to provide REFLECTIONS on our past, the teachers, classmates, church members, and pray for the future of all of our children from the Hathorn Community, the greater Noxapater Community and surrounding areas.

The Noxapater Seven

Curtis Spiva (1st Grade)

Fredrick Young (1st Grade)

Virginia Young-Wade (1st Grade)

Sedrick Young (2nd Grade)

Alfred Henson (3rd Grade)

William Thomas Spiva (3rd Grade)

Phylis Ann Young-Triplett (3rd Grade)