Relay readying for May

From staff reports


Relay for Life committee and team members gathered for a kick-off team meeting January 20.

The group discussed the May 2 Relay and the goals for the event. Those present noted that the group should aim for 25 teams and selected a theme of “Winston County Won’t Toy with Cancer”.

Brandi Krajewski, Chairperson, noted that the group was seeking volunteers and teams in order to reach all their goals.

“We talk the talk so we need to walk the walk and get involved in the fight against cancer,” said Krajewski.

Scheduled for May 2, 2014, the Relay for Life will pack Louisville High School football field with individuals, churches, schools, businesses and healthcare providers who realize that cancer has affected the county and who want to make a difference.

Krajewski encouraged everyone to help make the difference.

“We want to encourage all to form a team,” said Krajewski. “It is not a lot of work required in starting a team.  So many people want to do something but just do not know where to start but Amy Hillyer is available to direct those individuals to know how to start a team, how to fundraise, and what steps are necessary to take.”

For more information, contact Brandi Krajewski, Chairperson or team recruiter Amy Hillyer at 662-803-9026.

Relay For Life events take place across the nation at commmunity parks or track facilities. Individuals and teams register for the event and set up camps with the goal of keeping at least one team member walking on the track or pathway at all times.

According to Relay For Life officials, since its beginning in 1985, Relay For Life has developed from one man running around a track for 24 hours to a full-fledged international event taking place in more than 5,000 communities and 20 countries across the globe, with nearly 4 million walkers in the United States alone. All of the funds raised from Relay For Life support the American Cancer Society’s mission to help people stay well, by helping them get well, by finding cures and by fighting back.