REPM discuss Medicare changes for 2014

From Staff reports


Bud Varner of Louisville Insurance Agency on January 9 discussed the recent changes to Medicare that may affect some of the REPM members.

Varner noted that the a few changes had been made to medicare with the new year.

Here’s a brief rundown of what to expect in 2014: 

• There are no changes in Medicare’s Part-B premium and deductible.

The standard premium for the part of Medicare that covers doctor visits and outpatient hospital care should stay the

• The Part-B deductible for 2014 should also be the same as this past year —

• Should have bigger price breaks on your generic drugs in the “doughnut hole.”

If you have a Medicare drug plan and reach the coverage gap

• If dissatisfied with your Medicare Advantage plan, persons may quit it beginning Jan. 1.

• If persons have Medicare, they don’t need to do anything about the new Health Insurance Marketplace.

• Persons should now have access to your personal health information through Medicare’s “blue button.”

Having ready access to your Medicare claims data gives you a better understanding of health information and greater control. It also makes it easier to share your medical history with doctors, caregivers or anyone else.

For more information, go to and download a free Medicare and You 2014 handbook.

The next REPM meeting is:

Date: February 6, 2014

Place: Louisville City Hall

Time: 1:00 PM

Speaker: Emily Perkins, Nurse Practitioner of Main Street Medical Clinic

Topic: Injections for arthritis

A picture will be made of the committee chairmen.