RHAA to host annual art competition

Winston County Red Hills Art Association’s 36th Annual Art Competition will be held May 16 through May 23.

The Red Hills Art Association would like businesses and individuals in the community to participate in the Purchase Awards on Thursday May 15, 11: am until 1 pm at Winston County Library.

“We understand that we have new businesses and individuals in Winston County. Each individual or business will promise to award their ribbon to an artist and buy this art work of their choice. This day is called Purchase Award Day.”

Participants have first choice before the show opens to the public to buy and award an art work that has been judged by (this year) Greg Cartmell from Meridian.

If interested please contact Larry Howell 773-8617 or email at howell.l@ms.metrocast.net.

RHAA was organized in 1974. The name of RHAA was changed from Arts to Art when the Red Hills Arts Foundation (RHAF) was organized. This placed all of the arts “under one foundation umbrella”. Now our Association includes only the fine arts. The Foundation expands Louisville arts to include theater, writing, music, etc.

For 36 years RHAA has organized judged adult art competition at the Winston County Library during the last week in May “Memorial Day” weekend. Now it is called Red Hills Arts Festival, and it also includes all of down town, a car show, 4K run, and homecoming for all county high school alumni.

The Art Association offered workshops with noted artists: Robert Landry, John Gaddis, Robie Scucchi, Samuel Gore, Edward Boyd, Terry Cherry, Gary Walters, Billy Kirk, Bruce Guraedy, Mark Mallet, Jack Bartlett, Carol Cooper, Dot Courson, Greg Cartmell, and Bill Watkins. The workshops continue for Association members.

RHAA exhibited in the governor’s mansion in Jackson, Mississippi for a month at the request of the governor. The Association also honors RHAA members that qualify with an individual show and places their names on a permanent honor roll.

RHAA now has a student art association (elementary and secondary) competition yearly. We meet four times a year seasonally and currently have 66 on roll.

For membership mail the information below and appropriate fee to: Red Hills Art Association—76 Webster A Road—Louisville, MS 39339