Road and bridge repairs completed and ongoing

From staff reports

Several drivers in the county are experiencing a smoother ride down area roads after some recent bridge and road repairs.

Both deficient bridges on Sims Road, located in District 4 and 5, are now open to local traffic. The contractor recently completed the work and traffic has been using the newly completed bridges.

District 4 also recently reopened the Lobutcha Road bridge which was replaced and had been closed over the last few months for the work to be completed.

County engineer Jimmy Kemp noted that with the projects completed and new bridges in place that county school buses can again travel these bridges in time for the new school year and with full safety ensured.

Kemp added that structurally deficient bridges have also been replaced recently on the Plattsburg-Mt. Calvary Road and the Mt. Calvary-Hinze-Rural Hill Road which aids not only the county school buses but all citizens traveling highways in the county.

These five new bridges which were recently completed cost approximately $1,630,000.

Even with these new structures, Kemp explained the county is continuing to locate state and federal funds to repair other bridges and roads.

The county is currently preparing for the replacement of the deficient bridge on the Bevil Hill Road project. J and M, Inc. was awarded the contract to replace the deficient bridge on the Bevil Hill Road. Bevil Hill Road will be closed to through traffic for two to three months while the deficient bridge is replaced.

Advertising for replacing the deficient bridge on the Yellow Creek Road is underway with plans to replace that bridge as well.

The county using Federal Highway Administration is also planning to replace the bridge on Betheden Road and has received approval from the Office of State Aid Road Construction (OSARC) to replace the bridge on the Tallahaga Creek on Old Robinson Road.

Kemp noted that the completed work and ongoing work is great benefit to the county to keep transportation flowing well and build up travel through the area.