Rotarians graced with “Free Minute Message”

By Daniel Brunty

The Winston County Journal


It was a meeting of religion and technology at the weekly meeting of the Louisville Rotary Club this past Wednesday at Lake Tiak O’Khata.

Rotarians were graced with a presentation from Rev. Kyle Ivy from Whitehall United Methodist Church in Louisville. Ivy wanted to share a newfound way of getting the Word of God out to the masses by using 21st century technology, creating his “Free Minute Message” ministry.

After being introduced by fellow Rotarian Paul Simmons, Ivy gave a brief background on Methodist preachers who traveled across the land to spread the word to all in the world. He explained of how one preacher went to the fields where everyone worked to get the word across.

Ivy stated that this preacher realized that this was the only way to get the message to the people than to go to those fields. This also gave him the idea of how they could apply this approach in the 21st century. After being at his daughter’s ballet class with a room full of parents, he saw that there was no communication between anyone. Everyone was looking at their cell phones.

Ivy realized that this was the way to reach the masses like the old preachers did in the past. By observing a popular YouTube video which reaches around 5 million viewers every episode, Ivy made his own model and created the “Free Minute Message”.

The “Free Minute Message” is a recap of the sermons from Sunday by Ivy in the form of a three to four minute video on YouTube. Ivy uses editing styles that keeps the viewers’ attention as he gives the main points of the sermon in a humorous light.

Ivy states that the videos are getting wonderful feedback, as he read the Rotarians a few comments listed under them. He hopes that these videos will reach a whole new segment of people that may not have had access to it in the past. After taking a few questions, Ivy ended his presentation and the meeting was dismissed.

The Rotary Club of Louisville hosts weekly speakers every Wednesday at noon in Lake Tiak O’Khata. For more information you may contact a local Rotarian about attending an event and/or membership.