Rotary Club hosts state senator Giles Ward

From staff reports


The Louisville Rotary Club hosted State senator Giles Ward November 13.

State senator Giles Ward spoke to the rotary Club about the importance of the state’s budget is maintained and his concern on how each tax dollar is spent.

“How your tax dollars are spent is important,” said Ward.

Ward illustrated how the state budget used each $1 and what percentage was devoted to each portion of the government agencies.

Ward noted that education was the largest expenditure for the state at 58.12 percent of the budget or about $2.9 billion.

“This is our most critical responsibility,” said Ward.

Ward also addressed the need to examine the growing problem of the department of corrections budget and possible solutions.

The Louisville Rotary Club meets each Wednesday at Lake Tiaka O’Khata from noon until 1 p.m. Contact a member of Rotary if interested in attending.