Rotary Club welcomes Air Guard members

From staff reports


The Rotary Club of Louisville recently welcomed Master Sergeant Michael Reed and production recruiter Jeremy Taylor of the Meridian Air National Guard Base.

Rotarian Chasidy Goodwin, who is a member of the Air National Guard, sponsored the program.

Reed and Taylor talked about the Air National Guard mission while specifically focusing on the mission of the 186th Air Refueling Wing at Key Field in Meridian.

Reed outlined how the Air National Guard used KC-135 tankers to refuel every type of military friendly aircraft in the sky with missions across the globe. Reed noted that Meridian was the birthplace of the air refueling tankers including the nozzle on how to refuel in 1939.

“Refueling in the air started in Meridian,” said Reed.

Reed also noted that the refueling aspect had been removed a few years ago but was quickly but in a short time the mission of refueling had been requisitioned to the base.

Reed also outlined the importance of the Air Guard and National Guard to the military as a whole. Reed noted that the 186th ARW and many other National Guard units have demonstrated time and again just how valuable these personnel are.

Taylor discussed the merits of a young person joining the air National Guard from education to job training they can receive. He explained the funds for college and commitment to one weekend a month worked well for most students as well as building a better future for them.

“A young person can come in here and learn from veterans no matter what the job is because we are so flexible and cover so many areas,” Taylor said. “They can travel, learn a great job, get paid for it and earn college scholarship funds, serve their country and their local community — the sky is the limit.”