Self-Help Co-Op workers visits Winston Head Start

Mrs. Jean Harper and Mrs. Myrtis Wraggs of the Winston County Self- Help Co-Op visited the Winston County Complex Head Start Center throughout the school year.

They provided several activities for the children. Stories were read to the students and afterwards questions were asked about what was read.

One story that the children really enjoyed was entitled “Smokey the Bear.” After listening to this particular story, the students were asked to identify things that grow in the forest as well as what animals live in the forest. The children were given rulers that read “Never play with matches” and pencils that had “Make sure your campfire is completely out before leaving it” printed on them.

Another activity provided by Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Wraggs was the planting of a garden. They provided seeds and assisted Mrs. Seward and Mrs. Grissom’s class in planting a garden. The staff and children enjoyed having Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Wraggs at the center this year. The children always look forward to them coming and being involved in the classroom. We are looking forward to them returning back in the fall and working with the children.