Smokefree Mississippi applauds City of Louisville for passing Smokefree Ordinance

The City of Louisville is one of more than 80 communities throughout the state that has passed a comprehensive smokefree ordinance in the past twelve months. On April 3, 2014, Lousiville became the 79th community in Mississippi to adopt a comprehensive smokefree ordinance. Smokefree Mississippi applauds the efforts of Mayor William Hill and the Board of Aldermen for working together to develop a policy that promotes smokefree environments and protects the health of all citizens. Smokefree Mississippi presented the city with an award recognizing its efforts to promote public health and protect its citizens on Tuesday, June 24 at the 2014 Mississippi Municipal League Conference in Biloxi, MS.
Research and studies have shown smokefree ordinances are an effective tool in preventing illness and saving lives. Many businesses across the state and the country have achieved significant cost savings that can be directly attributed to the adoption of smokefree ordinances. Municipalities across the state of Mississippi are reaping the long-term benefits, which include reductions in heart attack-related hospital admissions and substantial health care cost savings.
With more than 500 Mississippians dying every year from exposure to secondhand smoke, it is imperative that local governments and citizens work together to protect everyone from the dangers of secondhand smoke. This ordinance supports the right of every individual to breathe smokefree air, especially employees who may be exposed to secondhand smoke in the workplace. We congratulate the efforts of the Lousiville Board of Aldermen and Mayor Hill for their support of healthy, smokefree environments for all Louisville residents.
Smokefree Mississippi is a broad coalition of organizations who believe all Mississippians deserve to breathe smoke free air. We support a comprehensive, statewide smokefree workplace law to protect Mississippians from the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure. There is no safe level of secondhand smoke. Everyone deserves to breathe smokefree air.