Some great recipes

I have promised you this week my mother’s fried chocolate sugar pie recipe, and I finally have it printed out and ready for you to try. Now you must realize that this is not a very easy recipe, and it took years to get this recipe “perfect”, but it is worth EVERY single bite!!! We enjoy them hot right out of the grease with a big glass of milk or even an almost frozen can of coke or Pepsi. I hope you enjoy these because my mother certainly makes the best. The second recipe I have provided for you is a recipe that came from one of my students, and this happens sometimes. It’s an interesting recipe for baked cream cheese corn, and it is a wonderful side dish to serve when you are grilling hamburgers, steaks, chicken, frying chicken or making a delicious spaghetti dish. It is really good, and it’s super easy and breezy to prepare. Happy Spring to all my wonderful friends. Enjoy readers. My Mother’s Fried Chocolate Sugar Pies (Classic) Note: This recipe has been in my family for years and years, but my mother has never taken the time to write out the recipe for me. I have assisted her in preparing these mouthwatering treats for many years, and we have eaten enough of them to sink a boat, and we just love them to death!!! They are best served hot right out of the grease with a big glass of cold milk! This is a classic recipe you will want to cut out, readers! One fourth cup Hershey’s cocoa Three fourths cup sugar One and three fourths cup Martha White self rising flour (for Pie Recipe) One and one half cups Martha White self rising flour (for rolling out dough) One third cup Crisco shortening (for Pie dough Recipe) Half cup Crisco shortening (for frying) One half Tbsp. margarine for each pie (2 Tbsp. total) 7 Tbsp. ice water Sugar to sprinkle on pies (when cooked) Mix cocoa with sugar in a small mixing bowl. In medium mixing bowl, add one and three fourths cups of flour. Make a small well in the middle of the flour. Place a third cup of shortening in the well. Take a fork and cut shortening into the flour until mixture resembles small peas. Make another well in the middle of this mixture. Slowly add ice water to mixture. Mix with fork until mixture resembles large peas. Take mixture and form two baseball sized balls of dough. On cutting board or work area, place two large sheets of aluminum foil. Sprinkle evenly one and one half cups of flour on the foil. Place one of the dough balls onto the floured sheet. Roll dough into a rectangular shape long enough so that two 6.5 inch saucers can be placed on the dough for cutting out 2 pies. Place 2 tablespoons of the Hershey’s Cocoa/sugar mixture in the middle of each circle of dough. Place half tablespoon of margarine on top of the cocoa/sugar mixture and press gently into the mixture. Gently fold dough over cocoa/sugar mixture and flute edges with fork. Place half cup Crisco shortening in black skillet. Heat on medium heat until hot. Gently slide a spatula under one of the pies and place into pan of hot grease. Repeat for the other pie. Cook until edges start to brown. Gently lift edges to check for browning on bottom of pie. When browned, turn pies over and brown on other side. When pies are done, place pies on plate line with paper towels. Sprinkle lots of sugar on top of pies. To cook other two pies, discard grease and add a half cup of new shortening. Roll out 2 more pies and repeat frying process. Baked Cream Cheese Corn Note: This recipe came from a student of mine who said that her mother made this just about every evening as a side dish for their family. Well, I was interested, so she told me what was in it, and here it is for you. So simple, yet so delightful, and it complements just about any dish perfectly that you are in the mood to prepare. 4 cans Green Giant whole kernel corn, drained 8 oz. Philadelphia cream cheese, softened 1 stick real butter, melted Dash salt and black pepper 8 oz. grated cheddar cheese (mild or Hoop) Pour cans of corn into greased medium sized casserole dish. Place dollops of cream cheese over the top of the corn, evenly. Melt stick of butter and pour evenly over corn and cream cheese. Sprinkle with salt and pepper—just enough for a little flavor. Evenly sprinkle casserole with cheese. Bake at 350 degrees until cheese is melted for about 25-30 min, covered with foil. Serve as a side dish with hamburgers, grilled chicken, fried chicken or spaghetti. Editor’s note: Brock W. Rogers, a food writer, educator and passionate student of the culinary & pastry arts resides in Louisville. He may be reached at or on Facebook.