Special Education Case Manager Carolyn Hampton retires

Submitted by Elemtra Patterson


Away she goes, after 15 years in the Department of Special Education, Louisville Municipal School District. Louisville, MS. The staff, her family, friends and the community came to a reception in her honor on Friday, May 24, 2013 to wish her well in her new adventure as a retiree. Of course, they all know it will be an adventure because of who she is – a very active person in her community for various causes. Her favorite community work has been as president of the Women in the NAACP (WIN) in which she has lead the group into implementing the Back-to-School Rally which gives school supplies to over 200 students each year, and the Black Extravaganza which raises funds for the local chapter of the NAACP. She is an active member of the Voters League of Winston County, the Democratic Party of Winston County and an Evangelist as a member of Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church. She has been invited to become a part of the P-16 Community Engagement Council of Winston County which has been established to look at ways to improve the education system in the district.

Carolyn Rash-Hampton has been a gem in the Department of Special Education and a poem written by one of her colleagues, Julie Jones, and presented as a plaque said it best:

Very few can truly appreciate All that you have done. Change after change, because of you,

This office continued to run. You’ve shown strength, tenacity, Loyalty, and determination. Your commitment to this community Exceeds all limitations. We admire your knowledge, skill, Efficiency, and your dedication, And for your many years of service, We express our appreciation For all that you have done for us And the students you have helped, Please accept our gratitude

And the fondest of farewells.

Thank you, Mrs. Hampton!

Louisville Municipal School District Department of Special Education In appreciation of 15 years of service

Carolyn started with the Louisville Municipal School District on 11-12-1998. She is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with B.S. in Medical Technology and a Specialist in Blood Banking from the Blood Center of S.E. Wisconsin. She and her husband, Charles Hampton moved from Milwaukee, WI (back home) after his retirement.