Stewart sisters gather for time together

Submitted by Frances Ball

It has been a tradition for the Stewart sisters to meet each year. This year, we chose to stay in Louisville. Sister Zelda opened her villas for the gathering.

We began on Friday afternoon and had a potluck supper. Afterwards, every gathered in the den for a couple of fun games. Frances conducted the games. The first was “Strollin’ Down Memory Lane, Do You Remember When?” Each one was given a sheet of paper with the beginning of the question. And then it must be answered at the end. Some came up with funny and hilarious answers.

The next game was “The Many Uses of the Apron”. The idea was to name as many uses of the apron as possible. Needless to say, some were funny and crazy answers. The one with the most correct answers received a prize. Each one was given an apron to wear.

There is definitely no set time to go to bed, so needless to say, some remained up until 2-3 a.m.
I was wise enough to choose the upstairs so I could leave whenever my eyes could no longer stay open (about midnight).

Saturday morning we had brunch around 10 a.m. Our cousin, Wanda Summerford and husband Carl, came from Fulton, MS. They spent the day with us. We really enjoyed having them.

The plans were to go out for dinner Saturday night, but after an afternoon of snacking, no one was hungry enough.

Again, after a time of fun it was time to go to bed. Again some headed a little early (10-11 p.m.), yet some chose to stay up until 1-2 a.m.

Sunday morning it was time to get the place in order, have a light breakfast, and get ready for church.

We all attended worship services at First Baptist Church. We returned to finish off all the leftovers and wind down.

Those attending were Frances Ball (Buddy), Brenda Castleberry (Wayne) of Clinton, Dixie Williamson (James) of Clinton, Zelda Gully (J.W.) of College Station, TX, Pat Goodin, and Delaine Woodruff (Donnie).