Sunshine time

The Sunshine Boys made it back safely from West Memphis, Arkansas, and their performance was memorable and joyful! They mesmerized the crowd with their rendition of “Worth” by Anthony Brown and Group Therapy, and wooed the audience with their performance of “It’s in my Heart” by Harvey Watkins Jr. and The Canton Spirituals! They had the privilege of   performing among many gospel artists, promoters, and radio broadcasters! In their presence was Esther Wooten, former CEO/owner at  Exclesisa booking agency, gospel artist Harvey Watkins Jr. of the Canton Spirituals, gospel artist and
singer Bishop Neal Roberson, Multi award winning singer, songwriter, and producer Stan Jones, and many many others. The Sunshine Boys received great feedback, and the audience adored them with loud shouts, and a standing ovation! While enjoying the word of God, and all the praise and worship in songs, the Exclesisa Showcase did a water drive for Flint, Michigan and The Sunshine Boys had the opportunity to participate by donating 5 cases of water, and was asked to help with the  loading of the truck. They were excited to do it working along side With Mr. Harvey Watkins Jr.

FullSizeRender-1The Sunshine Boys Would like to Thank everyone for their support, investing, encouragement, and love shown and given to them. We ask that you Continue to pray for us as we continue to go forth and sing praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you would like to book The Sunshine Boys, you may do so by contacting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andre Esters @ 6628035256 or 6628039843. God Bless you all and Much Love