Supervisors approve Teeters roof repair plan

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal

The Winston County Board of Supervisors welcomed back supervisor Larry Duran who has been battling health issues.

Supervisor Mike Peterson presided over the meeting at the insistence of Duran.

The board dove into county matters approving grant paperwork for $50,000 to help repair the roof on the Teeters building owned by the county. Engineer Stanley Spradling outlined to the board that he wished to have the roof repairs that could cost up to $160,000 be bid out in units of repairs rather than one big repair project.

“We know some items that must be fixed on the roof,” said Spradling. “We need to do it with a unit price for each job and not one lump sum.” The board approved soliciting unit bids for the repairs on the roof and approved the engineering contract and GTPPD administration contract for the project.

In other business, the supervisors: • Tabled the Dean Park lease with the Louisville Municipal School District. The School District proposed a lease of $1,100 for the county to pay on the park each year for 25 years.

“We need to question that lease,” said Supervisor Luke Parkes. “The park is serving the community and they should take that into consideration,” said Parkes.

The board requested attorney Hugh Hathorn research the lease and the possibilities of not paying.

“If we do not pay the lease and turn the park over to the school what will happen,” asked Parkes.

“It is more complicated than that,” answered Peterson.

• Reviewed the Otr wheel solid waste plan approval. • Approved 5 other 16th section leases. • Approved $2500 to the Boys and Girls Club. • Received a report from : Claudell Weaver on Dean Park. Weaver requested to have 8 dead trees cut down and removed from the park plus mowing and other cleaning work for a cost of $1,200 which would help clear up the walking trail planned for the area. Weaver denoted the painting of the parking lot with spaces, the painting of the bathrooms and the bleachers. She did report some vandalism had occurred at the park and the commission and volunteers at the park were working hard to stop the vandals. • Approved hiring youth court assistant at no cost to the county. • Approved letter of support to the Care lodge support. • Approved Energy grant final paperwork to close out the grant. • Table a request by Polo request for a $78,000 tax exemption for new expansion. The board tabled the matter until Tax Assessor could review.