Supervisors discuss and agree upon health insurance

By Daniel Brunty
The Winston County Journal

The Winston County Board of Supervisors met with numerous insurance representatives to discuss health care benefits for county employees during their April 7 meeting at the Winston County Courthouse.

The supervisors met with representatives from Renasant Insurance (Steve Roberts) and Gordman Insurance (Jack Gordman), which the county is currently with for their health insurance.

Both organizations made presentations to the boards in hopes of receiving their business to get the county employees the best deals on their insurance. After the presentations, the board thanked both parties for them attending the meeting, and told them they would make a decision on Wednesday, April 9.

Library Update

Winston County Librarian Beth Edwards informed the board members that the library would be celebrating National Library Week. Edwards extended an invitation to the supervisors to attend the appreciation luncheon for City and County officials, library trustees, garden club officials to be held at the library on Monday April 14 at noon.

Edwards also gave the supervisors the statistics for the library dating from Nov. 2013 to March 2014. She also introduced new library trustee Judy Post to the board. After her update, the board members made a motion to recognize National Library Week. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Senior Center Update

The board then met with Mrs. Bea Fontenot. Fontenot wanted to address the board regarding plans for Senior Citizens of Winston County to have a Senior Enrichment center. She wanted to ask the board if there had been any progress in obtaining a building to house the Enrichment center, and express the immediate need of acquiring one for the senior citizens of the county.

EMA Director Buddy King, who has been lending a hand to help the senior citizens find a location, informed Fontenot that he and others had met with Golden Triangle Planning and Developing District about the idea. He also informed Fontenot that at this time, there was not any money budgeted for the project. However, King hopes, if possible, that some funds can be found within the budget, as well as possibly could be added to next year’s budget.

Work on McCully Road

Board members also briefly discussed the installation of culverts on McCully Road. District 4 Supervisor Larry Duran informed the board members that some residents of McCully Road have purchased culverts for the road to be installed.

With many questions raised about the board’s involvement with the culverts, the board decided to table the matter until further information is obtained.

In other news, the board:

  • Approved claims docket
  • Approved payroll claims docket
  • Approved minutes from March 17, 2014 meeting
  • Approved Dean Park Sixteen Section lease payment ($1,150) and Shiloh Volunteer Fire Dept. Sixteen Section lease payment ($180) to LMSD
  • Approved $1,300 to Soil Conservation for beaver control. Funds to be paid from Soil Conservation budget, and budget will be amended at the end of the 2013-2014 fiscal year
  • Approved purchase order for binders, Accounts Payable Office, not to exceed $300 from Dement Printing
  • Approved order to advertise for county bids.
  • Accepted grand jury report.
  • Approved request from Tax Assessor Larry Woodward for his expenses at the Real Property Appraisal Course Training, May 19-23, at a cost of $605 plus travel.
  • Approved the 3rd quarter appropriations for the Winston County Sheriff and the Winston County Tax Assessor.
  • Approved the request of Winston County Coroner Scott Gregory for approval for expenses for his attendance at the MS Coroner/Medical Examiner Conference on the MS Gulf Coast from July 8-11, to be paid from the Coroner’s budget.
  • Approved request by Tax Assessor Larry Woodward of change orders to the Tax Roll
  • Approved for the hire of an election technician assistant for the June 3 primary election
  • Approved solid waste holds for car tags
  • Approved acknowledgement of Judge Beck and Judge Fuller’s attendance at the Justice Court Spring Conference.
  • Approved transfer of $10,580.10 from the WCCRCF Regional Correctional Revenue Fund to the Winston County General Account. These funds were deposited in error to the WCCRCF account
  • Approved Subcontract Project B-0080 (30) B, Shiloh Road Bridge, in the amount of $17,840 to Atwood Fence Company, Inc.
  • Approved the following demand checks: Noxapater Hardware — $11.07, $5.98, $68.73. Wamble’s — $1,823.69, $130.20
  • Approved request of EMA Director Buddy King and Brenda Miles to attend the EMA Conference in May 26-29 at no cost to Winston County
  • Approved the purchase of a 2008 Dodge Charger from WCCRCF at a cost of $11,975 to be paid from the DUI Grant; the trade of a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado (valued at $15,450). The remaining $2,083 will be paid from the Sheriff’s Budget
  • Approved the hiring of Greg Lee as a part time deputy at $9 per hour
  • Approved purchase of 2 Xerox machines at a cost of $300 and to enter into a contract with Cournoyer’s Office Supply for maintenance at a cost of $179 per month
  • Approved the following personnel changes at WCCRCF: New Hire – Darryl Edwards, $9.09 per hour, Corrections Officer. Resignations – John T. Yarbrough, Robert A. Mitchell, III, James W. Holdiness, Betty Cockrell (2 month notice), Billy Joe Jones
  • Approved the utilization of the WIN Job Center in screening applicants for jobs at WCCRCF
  • Approved the hiring of Matthew Johnson to District 4 at a rate of $10 per hour
  • Approved adoption of a name for a District 4 road, as Joseph Drive

April 9 meeting

The Winston County Board of Supervisors recessed the meeting until Wednesday, April 9 at 9 a.m., in which time they agreed to discuss the health insurance policies. During this meeting, the board approved a motion that the health insurance for Winston County employees would remain with Jack Gordman Insurance.

In other matters during that meeting, the board:

  • Approved the purchase of a vehicle at WCCRCF at State Contract price
  • Approved a purchase order for 4285.56 to purchase materials for raised gardening beds, requested by Mike Skipper of the State Extension Office
  • Approved payment of $4784 to Daniel Coker Attorneys at Law for representation in the Tim Rogers vs. Winston County litigation at the Airport.
  • Approved purchase of chairs for the Winston County Courthouse Grand Jury room and Courtroom. Circuit Judge Clarence Morgan has requested the replacement of existing chairs in order to make the Winston County Courtroom and Grand Jury room exemplary in county government.
  • Approved purchase of a youth court computer ($414) and 2 laptop computers ($1,223) for the Sheriff’s Department to use in tracking youths with electronic ankle bracelets. Funds will be paid for the Youth Court Grant

The Winston County Board of Supervisors recessed until April 21.

In the March 17 meeting, the supervisors:

  • Approved Resolution Supporting Noxubee Hills Scenic Byway And Committing To Maintaining Trailblazer Signs In The Area.
  • Order Approving Cash In Bank Report For February 2014
  • Order Approving Expenses For Winston County Constables At Mandatory Meeting, Gulfport, Ms, June 2-7, 2014
  • Order Approving Expenses For Justice Court Clerk at Mandatory Spring Conference, Tunica, Ms May 8-9, 2014
  • Order Acknowledging Receipt Of Homestead Exemption Reimbursements: $9,300 And $109,618.23 From The Mississippi Department Of Revenue
  • Order Approving Demand Check To Tomika Bell, 203 Compliance Coordinator In The Amount Of $110.73 in duties as Choctaws language translator.
  • Order approving expenses for court reporter, $58.24
  • Order Approving Demand Check, $100, To Mississippi Association Of Supervisors Minority Caucus For Ad In Spring Conference Program
  • Order Approving Expenses For Chancery Clerk Julie Cunningham At The Spring Conference, April 15-16, 2014, And Summer Conference July 28-August 1, 2014
  • Order Approving Pitney Bowes Contract For Winston County Annex Building
  • Order Approving Demand Check For Winston County Deputy Keith Alexander In The Amount Of $230 For Per Diem Expenses
  • Order Approving Recertification Training For Tax Assessor’s Office Employee Robin Clark And Winston County Tax Assessor Larry Woodward
  • Order Approving New Hire Amelia Ellen Kennedy As Part Time Nurse At Winston Choctaw County Regional Correctional Facility, $25 Per Hour
  • Order Approving Expenses For Warden Neal Higgason At Department Of Corrections Mandatory New Officer Training In Denver, Colorado, National Institute Of Corrections, July 28-August 2, 2014
  • Order Approving Attendance For Justice Court Judges At Mississippi Justice Court Judges Conference At Pearl River Resort
  • Order Approving Xerox Copier Agreement For Winston County Justice Court Office
  • Held Executive Session
  • Order Terminating Winston Choctaw County Regional Correctional Employee William Leon “Ham” Stephens For Due Cause
  • Order Approving Letter Addressed To All Fire Departments, City Of Noxapater, And City Of Louisville And Signed By Winston County Board Of Supervisors Citing Expectations For Fire Fighters To Remain At The Scene Of Fire Until Problem Is Resolved
  • Discussed road work on Mount Calvary Road where work started March 18. Work on
  • Old Robison road has started with work on culverts first. Bridge inspections were set to begin. Also discussed replacing a bridge on Shiloh Road.
  • Discussed applying for CDBG grant with sewage and water projects top of state’s list.
  • Discussed hike in insurance premiums.
  • Discussed closing times for businesses that sell beer. Also, discussed the problems with the present way the state issues beer licenses and the state failing to notify businesses that they must also get a county license.
  • Supervisors discussed warden working on housing another 12 state inmates in a separate area and then house the maintenance inmates in there to separate them from general population.
  • Discussed damage to Highpoint Fire Truck.
  • Discussed getting CDL licenses for road crew workers who drive trucks.

In the March 3 meeting, the supervisors:

  • Order Allowing Winston County Tax Office To Sell Car Tag from garbage hold after working out details on person having paid her share of the garbage bill.
  • Order Approving Demand Check To JJ Ferguson Sand & Gravel, Inc., $49,750.00, For Triplett Store Bridge
  • Order Approving Claims Docket #18004-18537 For Winston County
  • Order Approving February Payroll Claims Docket
  • Order Appointing Patsy Clark To East Central Community College Board For A Period Of 5 Years, February 28, 2014-February 28, 2019
  • Order Approving 16th Section Lease Amendment For Ann Holdiness
  • Order Acknowledging Attendance Of Chancery Clerk Julie Cunningham At Chancery Court Seminar
  • Order Approving $1000 Scholarship Donation For Mississippi Association Of Supervisors Minority Caucus
  • Order Promoting Part Time Employment To Full Time Employment At Winston Choctaw County Regional Correctional Facility for one employee
  • Order Approving Extended Family Medical Leave For Wccrcf Employee
  • Order Approving Demand Check To First National Bank Of Clarksdale, $14,668.89 as part of the debt service funds on the correctional facility.
  • Order Approving Veterans Office School Expenses, $430, For Winston County Veteran’s Officer Terry Kelley
  • Order Approving Part Time Hire In The Winston County Sheriff’s Department, $9.00 Per Hour
  • Order Approving Expenses For Mississippi Fire Investigators Association Spring Seminar For Winston County Fire Investigator Keith Alexander
  • Order Approving Change Orders For Winston County Tax Assessor’s Office
  • Order Approving Payment Of $1,498.41 To Daniel Coker Horton & Bell Attorney’s At Law For Tim Rogers Vs. Winston County Airport Authority Representation
  • Order Adopting Handbook For Winston County Employees
  • Discussed the changes for E-911 addressing in the county upcoming with new GIS system.
  • Discussed fight at correctional facility with three inmates sent to the hospital. All inmates involved have been moved to other facilities.
  • Granted five year exemption to Market Café due to the historical tax grants.
  • Discussed several frivolous lawsuits brought against the county.

In the February 18 meeting supervisors:

  • Order Approving Cash In Bank Report Ending January 31, 2014
  • Order Approving Demand Checks For Winston County Sheriff’s Department Purchases: Car Tags And Post Office Box Rental
  • Order Approving Court Reporter Expenses For Lindsey Williams, $75.72
  • Order Approving Purchase Of Two Cases Of Body Bags For Winston County Coroner’s Office
  • Order Approving Purchase Of Laser Checks And Envelopes For Winston County Bookkeeper’s Office
  • Order Correcting Erroneous Sale On Parcel 141250016 0004901 In Winston County, Mississippi; Lawrence Estes, Genary Thompson 16th Section Lease
  • Order Approving Homestead Chargeback Reversal Andy Nowell
  • Order Approving Payment Of $5727.00 To Attorney Hugh Hathorn For Litigation Representation
  • Order Approving 16th Section Leases For Gregory, Harrison, And Smith
  • Order Accepting Road Maintenance Report For 2013
  • Order Approving Budget Amendment For Polo Custom Products, $3604.88 Per Month. This added a line to the budget to show receipt of grant funds and expensive of grant funds.
  • Order Approving Xerox 60 Month Copier Lease For Winston County Chancery Clerk’s Office
  • Order Approving Solid Waste Adjustments And Additions For Winston County, Mississippi
  • Order Approving Demand Check To Mississippi Supreme Court ($200.00) And Winston County Circuit Clerk Kim Ming ($208.50)
  • Order Approving Change Orders From The Winston County Tax Assessor’s Office
  • Order Approving Payment Of $150 To Noxapater Wrecker Service For Towing Abandoned 4-Wheeler
  • Order Promoting Part Time nurse To Full Time Nurse at Correctional facility
  • Order Reappointing Keith Alexander As Winston County Fire/Arson Investigator
  • Order Transferring $35,000 From Common County To The Winston County Fire Association
  • Order Transferring Payment From District 3 To District 4
  • Order Approving Appointment Of Judy Post To Louisville-Winston County Library Board From District 3 For 5 Year Term
  • Order Approving Demand Check For Registration Fee, Honorable Gloria Turnipseed, District 4, Mississippi Association Of Supervisors Minority Caucus
  • Order Acknowledging Mississippi State Auditor Finding, District 2
  • The Finding Of The Mississippi State Auditor On A Complaint Filed In Said Office. The Finding Was No Fault On The Part Of District 2 Supervisor Luke Parkes.