Supervisors discuss ECCC, bridges, taxes

By: Anna Katharine Baskin

The Winston County Journal


The Winston County Board of Supervisors met on August 5, 2013 to discuss East Central Community College budget, bridge inventory, and other local issues.

After the call to order, Dr. Billy Stewart, the President of East Central Community College, gave an uplifting presentation on ECCC’s recent successes.

“We’ve had a great year,” said Dr. Stewart.

When discussing the millage request, Dr. Stewart said ECCC would not be requesting any increase in millage for the school.

“We are not asking for an increase in millage,” said Dr. Stewart.

The presentation closed with Dr. Stewart’s vision for EC, which was to be “nationally recognized, locally preferred.” Dr. Stewart then told the Board that the highlight of his year was being present during the Baptism of three East Central students.

Jimmy Kemp then gave a presentation on 2014’s bridge inventory. During the 2014 bridge inspection, all the dangerous bridges were marked so that buses would not use and could use all other bridges without fear of crossing one. The Federal Highway Administration requires the yearly bridge inspection to be able to apply for any federal bridge placement funds.

Kemp then requested permission to replace a bridge near Triplett store road in order to be able to use LSBP money on other routes. The Board motioned to begin work on Kemp’s request to replace the bridge.

Larry Woodward, Tax Collector, discussed objections to tax assessments. The one objection was from the local mall area beside Louisville’s Wal-Mart, and the request was to reduce the assessment. The owner submitted documentation for the lower assessment. The Board motioned to pass the request.

Claudell Weaver informed the Board of a broken solar panel in Dean Park. Weaver discussed the need to replace the panel. The board noted that they would take the responsible to replace the panel. Weaver also received approvals to make several authorized repairs at the park.

The board also discussed upcoming budget needs and needing to publish a statement of the millage rate that will produce the same ad valorem taxes for 2013 that were collected in 2012, on or before September 1, 2013.

• The Board then discussed the cost and work to place the Tsurunami Pumps. These are the fluid process and pumps that keep items at the correctional facility dumped into a toilet from being released into the Louisville sewage system. The pumps now have new cutters, new suction cups, and a strainer to prevent cell phones and other objects from becoming lodged in the sewer system of the city.

• Bids for Mt. Calvary-Hinze-Rural Hill Road opened at 10:00 a.m. Kimes and Stone won the bid. The base and surface is about to be repaired and resealed on the section of the Mt. Calvary-Hinze-Rural Hill Road between MS Hwy 25 and the District line. The surface of this road has been in a state of disrepair for waiting on the deficient bridges on the route to be to be replaced which was completed in 2012 and federal funds just became available to repair the road.

• Approved the publication of the expense summary for June 2013 was acknowledged.

• The Board approved the order to advertise the sale of a Travel Trailer from the WCCRCF. They then agreed to the individual sale of a 45 pistol as long as it went to an FFL Dealer.

• The homestead for Josh McNeil was reinstated.

• The Claims Docket for August 5, 2013 was approved.

• The Payroll Claims Docket for July 2013 was approved.

• The board held a budget workshop for the remainder of the afternoon.

The Board of Supervisors will meet on August 19, 2013.