Supervisors discuss feud over county road

By Daniel Brunty
Winston County Journal

The Winston County Board of Supervisors addressed a potentially
dangerous situation regarding repair of a county road during their
April 15 meeting.
The road in question is James Whitten Road, located between Jack Mayo
Road and Shiloh Road. In November of 2012, one family of residents
living on the road asked for the county to close the road and make it
private. County officials decided to keep it open after two other
residents requested to continue using the road.
Addressing the board regarding the use and maintenance of the road
was Charlene Mayo, who stated that only portions of the road were
being repaired. Mayo, a resident on the road, states that other
residents threatened anyone who has tried to repair the road or
travel the road with bodily harm.
District 4 Supervisor Gloria Turnipseed spoke of what could be done
for this issue since the road is in her district. Turnipseed
suggested that law enforcement supervision might be needed to assist
with repairing the road. Turnipseed also stated “we are not going out
there and getting shot” in regards to having the road repaired.
District Three Supervisor Mike Peterson stated that a long-term
resolution was needed. Peterson said you could fix the road, but what
good would that do if you can’t travel the road without being in danger?
Members of the board discussed and exchanged ideas on the issue.
Afterward, the supervisors decided that Sheriff Jason Pugh or
deputies would escort county workers during the repair of the road in
the near future.
In other news, the Board of Supervisors:
• Discussed the repair and funding regarding Yellow Creek Road, as
well as funding and repair of bridges in the county.
• Approved to appoint Mrs. Junie Fuller to the Region 7 Mental Health
Community Counseling Board for a period of 4 years.
• Acknowledged Judge Mike Miller and Judge Robert Beck’s attendance
at training.
• Approved payment of expenses for Court Reporter Regan Carpenter and
temporary Court Reporter Kathy McNeely.
• Approved attorney fees—Circuit Court $975.
• Approved payment to Louisville Medical Associates for $354.00 for
Sheriff’s Department physical.
• Approved to furnish part salary for retiring Family and Community
Services Agent Rita Tanksley.
• Approved payment to Lexis Nexis for $164.30—Justice Court.
• Acknowledged Letter of Engagement from State Auditor.
• Acknowledged expense summary publication for February 2013.
• Approved hiring of Nathan Kelly at WCCRCF.
• Accepted Collateral Social Agreement for Mississippi Public Funds
Deposits between Winston County and The Citizens Bank.
• Approved to allow District 5 Election Commissioner Mary Reed to
make purchases as Chairperson.
• Approved the advertisement for bids for supplies for said period.
• Approved demand checks to Sherwin Williams and James Goss for work
performed at Dean Park on the restroom that was vandalized.
• Approved 16th section recreational lease for Blake Fulton.
• Approved purchase of a motor grader at State Contract price and
approval of a demand check for $21,799 to Estabrook Chevrolet for a
2013 For d F-150 2-wheel drive.
• Approved purchase of a printer cartridge for the office of Purchase
Clerk Crystal Clark.
• Approved said demand checks.
• Approved payment of $990.00 for Senior Day at Dean Park on May 2,
2013 by request of Essie Jackson of Winston County Triad (Sheriff’s
Dept.). Funds will be paid from the TRIAD fund.
The next meeting of the Winston County Board of Supervisors will take
place on May 6, 2013.