Supervisors discuss grant, and storm program

By Daniel Brunty
The Winston County Journal

After the meeting was called to order and the opening prayer, the board addressed the Solid Waste bill of Mr. James

T. Moore.
Moore states he has a solid waste bill in the amount of over $700. Moore states he lived at the address previously in 2011, but went through a divorce that same year. Moore stated he returned to the property in 2013. After the divorce, he left the property. When he moved back in 2013, he stated that both he and his wife’s names were on the property lease.
Moore asked the board members would he be responsible for paying the entire bill. Board members asked Moore some more questions to get a better understanding of his situation. After a few minutes of discussion, the board members informed Moore that they would need the paperwork regarding the lease of the property to determine a ruling for him. They then continued with the agenda.
The board then addressed the MEMA closeout letter. The letter had previously been signed with the necessary signatures, and needed to be acknowledged and spread upon the minutes for the board. A motion was made, and approved unanimously by the board.
The next topic was given by District 3 Supervisor Mike Peterson. He gave a description of a new pilot program. “What it is, it came out of the Sandy Act which I had referred to,” Peterson said. “One of the things it does is any surplus, any revenue that we derive from any salvage, we get to keep. Prior to this act, we could not keep it. But the funds from this can only be used to by specific items. I am supposed to be receiving a list of those things it can be used for. Unless we opt in to this pilot program, then we don’t get to use that money.”
Peterson then explained an example of how the program would work for the county if they were to opt in to the program. He then asked the other supervisors what they thought of this. After more discussion, the motion was made to enter into the program. The motion was approved unanimously.
After the board made a motion and approved the June 16 meeting minutes, it approved the payment of Lindsey P. Williams for court reporter expenses in the amount of $75.04.
Tax Assessor Larry Woodward then addressed the board regarding the tax rolls. After Woodward’s presentation, Peterson said they would need to compare this year’s tax roll to last year’s. They also discussed a disaster loan that they would like to apply for, and what items would be needed from the Tax Assessor to proceed. A motion was made to acknowledge the tax rolls. The motion passed unanimously.
The next topic on the agenda was to approve a demand check for Clayton O’Donnell, PLLC for representing the county for MS Branch of NAACP vs. Winston County, MS lawsuit. The amount of the demand check was $4,460.62. At the same time, Board Attorney Hugh Hathorn told the board members that they would possibly need to go into executive session on some other litigation matters later on in the meeting. A motion was made and it passed unanimously to approve the demand check.
Next, the board acknowledged the notice of raises for Mississippi Sheriffs that will be effective July 1, 2014. This was passed in House Bill No. 1409. A motion was made to acknowledge the notice, and it was passed unanimously by the board. The new law sets sheriff’s pay based on county population: “The annual salary for each sheriff shall be based upon
the total population of his county according to the latest federal
decennial census in the following categories and for the following
amounts; however, no sheriff shall be paid less than the salary
authorized under this section to be paid the sheriff based upon
the population of the county according to the most recent federal decennial census.”
This was followed by a motion for a school bus turnaround in District 5 (Kevin Carter), which was passed unanimously by the board.
Next, the board members discussed the lawn maintenance bid from Sanders Powell. The only bid received was from Powell. A motion was made to accept the bid of Powell, and it was passed unanimously by the board.
Board members then received notice of final inspection of STP-0561(10)B, Plattsburg-Hinze-Rural Hill Road for July 8 at 1:30 p.m., followed by updates from department heads.
Next to address the board was Jimmy Gregory, who had previously met with the board members to discuss the issue of trees that he feels were removed from his property wrongly. Gregory discussed the issue of right of way and his property, where trees were removed. After a lengthy discussion with the board members, Gregory was asking for $3,000 for his time and effort, as well as for the timber that was removed.
The members of the board informed Gregory that he would need to seek legal counsel regarding the matter to take steps to resolve the issue.
After a brief recess of the meeting, the board met with Phylis Benson of the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District regarding the CDBG grant. She explained how the MS Legislature had again appropriated funds for the Small Municipality and Limited Population Counties Grant program. This program gives grants to municipalities with a population of 10,000 or less, or a county with less than 30,000 people. She gave them the deadlines for these applications (July 31, 2014) and maximum grant size is $150,000.
This year, the amount of uses for the grant is listed in three categories. These categories are downtown improvements, public buildings, and paving. Benson gave the rest of the details of the program, and then answered questions from the board members. The board informed Benson that they would be applying for the grant this year.
The Winston County Board of Supervisors will hold their next meeting on July 21 at the Winston County Courthouse.