Supervisors discussing opting out of state law on building codes

From staff reports

Winston County Supervisors in the April 21 meeting noted they most likely will opt out of a new law requiring all counties and cities in Mississippi to adopt a form of building codes beginning Aug. 1.
Local governments have 120 days to opt out of adopting the codes, but beyond that window the law becomes mandatory.
The supervisors noted that the new law could have unintended financial consequences for the county if they did not opt out.
Supervisor Luke Parkes broached the subject and outlined some of the challenges of the law.
“You would have to hire a building inspector,” said Supervisor Burr Warner.
“We need to opt out,” said Supervisor Mike Peterson.
The county may opt out by passing a resolution on its minutes which the board postponed until it had more information.
Election upcoming
Circuit Clerk Kim Ming reminded the board and audience about the upcoming primary election on June 3.
The primary election will be the first time in the history of Mississippi elections, voters will need some form of photo identification to cast a ballot during June 3’s primary.
In the 45 days leading up to the June 3 election, anyone eligible for an ID can go to the circuit clerk’s office and be given a temporary voter ID that can be used for that election according to the Secretary of State’s website. Also, eligible voters who cast absentee ballots by mail and voters with religious objections to being photographed are exempted from the new regulations. A voter who doesn’t have a form of ID on election day can fill out an affidavit ballot and present a photo ID within five business days.

In other business, the supervisors:

  • Discussed with Maria Triplett of Calvary Apostolic Health and Wellness program. She requested the Board of Supervisors join together to support a medical transportation program the group hopes to implement in the county. She noted that a grant may be available to cover up to 80 percent of the costs and the support of the county, city and local business could help to cover the remaining costs.
    “We need to get up to speed on this,” said Peterson.
    The board tabled the discussion about the presentation until they could get more information.
  • Approved cash in bank report for March 2014.
  • Accepted and approved homestead applications (536) to be sent to Department of Revenue.
  • Acknowledged training for election commissioners.
  • Discussed arranging an invitation for member of the Board of Supervisors to speak at military of the Purple Heart Conference at Lake Tiak O’khata, June 6, 2014 at 2:00 pm. Tabled until more information available.
  • Tabled the rural fire protection agreement with Noxapater until May 5 meeting to insure the agreement was the latest one and up to date.
  • Approved notice of bids for supplies for fiscal year 2014/2015 and set bid opening for June 2, 2014, 10:00 am.
  • Approved demand check for guardian ad litem Caroline Moore for training seminar.
  • Approve purchase of 2 computers for chancery clerk’s vault – to be paid from youth court grant.
  • Discussed the required correctional facility accounts for the bonds on the facility and how much money should be shown in each account and how much money should be recorded as the first deposits in the accounts. Peterson noted the accounts (Revenue, excess revenue, debt service, bond funds, and depreciation) should all show how much money was recived and placed in the accounts from the October 17, 2013 bond changes.
  • Approved accepting a $300 donation to the sheriff’s office.
  • Approved correcting a garbage bill that had incorrect name on it and transfer amount owed to proper person.
  • Approved Sheriff getting deputy car repaired after minor accident.
  • Discussed invitation to ag day May 15 in Preston/ Winston county held by Alcorn State.
  • Discussed bids on hauling costs and road side spraying other annual bids.
  • Discussed amendments to list amount of funds on two newly created budget items of Polo grant and DUI grant.

The next meeting is May 5 at 9 a.m. in the board room in the courthouse.