Supervisors express dismay over insurance increases

From staff reports


The Winston County Board of Supervisors examined several financial issues and items upcoming in the new year.

Jack Gordman who handles the health insurance for the county delivered news that the county’s health insurance would increase 8 percent due to the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Gordman outlined that the county was considered a large employer with more than 50 employees so the policy had to change to meet the law’s requirements. He noted that the outpocket expenses for employees would change from $6000 to $6,350 and that the Healthcare reform fees and other charges would increase everyone’s policy by 8 percent.

While rate increase will go into affect January 1 due to the healthcare law and the policy is set to run in May.

“This is about being in line with the law,” said Gordman.

Gordman also noted the amount of confusion with the law due to so many changes in recent months.

“It is a mess,” said Board of Supervisors president Michael Peterson.

In other business, the board:

• Discussed and approved applying for FHWA’s Forest Lands Access Program (FLAP) funds to pave and improve the road of Gumbranch to Hwy 25 as part of the Mississippi Noxubee Hills Route. The full grant to do the road and the amount presently applied for is $3 million with the county agreeing to a 20 percent match is awarded the grant. County engineer Jimmy Kemp explained that other grant funds from the state may be available to help cover the match.

“We may be able to find some state funding for the match,” said Kemp.

Spencer Broocks of the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District was also on hand to move the application forward for the project once the supervisor approved it.

• Instructed the Sheriff to verify if the Warrior One Stop in Nanih Waiya meet all the requirements to sell beer in the restaurant. The board members noted that the distance to the school may not fit the requirement and the sheriff needed to review. The Louisville Municipal School District recently moved the designated entrance of the school to the building nearest the fence for security issues which also may place the business under the required 500 feet from the school.

• Approved the claims docket and payroll docket.

• Sold district 4 front end loader for $6750 to Deanco auction.

• Approved to reimbursements that should have been paid in 2009 and 2010 for tax sale reimbursements.

• Approved 4 homestead reinstatements.

• Approved Sixteen section lease.

• Noted need for person who ran into fence at Teter’s be responsible for fence repair.

• Discussed no garbage pickup on Christmas day that Wednesday’s pickup would be Thursday and Thursday’s would be Friday with all other days as normal.

• Approved the salaries for chancery court judge staff.

• Sheriff moved a part time deputy to full time.

• Discussed with EMA director Buddy King the purchase of radio equipment for fire departments and radios fire departments. King noted he would be applying for a grant to help with the radio purchases. The radio communications package would be about $160,000 according to the discussions. The board approved King to apply for the grant for the radios. King noted this system would work well with the state’s plan and system.

• Approved timber sell at WCRCF property.

• Established separate funds line items for prison funds.