Supervisors receive library budget request

By Anna Katharine Baskin

The Winston County Journal


The Winston County Board of Supervisors met on July 1, 2013. Some of the main points in the agenda involved library business and airport progress.

• Beth Edwards, head of the Winston County Library, gave a library update as well as a budget presentation. Edwards stressed the importance of the library to each districts’ constituents.

The library circulates up to 6000 items per month, supplements school and homework curriculum, homework assistance, online college courses, medical information, access to government programs to file taxes, as well as the circulation of books, eBooks, audio books and DVDs. Those purposes, along with several other services, keep library attendance high.

“Our library is very involved in the community,” said Edwards. Different people come from all over the county to use the library’s resources. The library works closely with local schools and reaches out to the community through clubs and activities, such as the Summer Reading Program and Teen Career Day. The library also held a National Library Week in April to promote the benefits of reading.

Beth Edwards then quoted a recent Letter to the Editor of the Clarion Ledger: “Libraries are the cornerstone of a community…there are no tests to pass, no dues to pay, no athletic or musical talent required-you just have to walk in the door.”

Edwards proposed a minor budget increase. The Board of Supervisors said that the proposed budget increase would be considered.

• The conflict between the voter id law and passports issued by the Circuit Clerk office was also discussed. Delbert Hosemann, our Secretary of State, is about to implement picture ids. This would interfere with the Circuit Clerk office’s ability to issue passports. “We will no longer be able to issue passports if we have to issue voter id in our office,” said Kim Ming, Circuit Clerk.

All of the information that would go along with the passport would be available in a photo id. Photo ids would also take money away from the Department of Public Safety because of the large amount being produced.

No immediate action was taken upon hearing this news. The Board was only informed of the conflict between image identification and passports and how it affected the Circuit Clerk Office.

• The Board of Supervisors approved the MDOT grant of $289,000 requested by the Airport Board. This grant will be used to repair damages done to Winston County’s airport runway.

The damages were caused by weather incidents earlier in the year. There was an agreement to begin work on the damaged area. Repairs to the runway will begin this month. The terminal building of the airport will also be re-bidded on July 30th, 2013.

•The Board of Supervisors approved the claims docket and payroll for June. They then approved the purchase of a computer for the Veteran’s Office that includes secure networks. The Board approved the payment of $15,000 to Watkins, Ward, and Stafford.

•Personnel changes at the WCCRCF were approved. The changes were one retiree, one new employee, and one promotion.

•The Board then acknowledged the receipt of payment for in lieu taxes, which amounted to $9508.00. Then, they acknowledged the publication of the expense summary of May 2013. The Board then acknowledged Larry Woodward, tax assessor, as he presented the receipt of tax rolls.

The next regular board meeting is July 15, 2013.