Supervisors renew emergency proclamation

By Madison Barnett
Winston County Journal MPA intern

The Winston County Board of Supervisors June 2 meeting kicked off with a quick renewal of the proclamation of existence of a local emergency due to the April 28 tornado.
The emergency proclamation must be renewed every 30 days until the emergency and cleanup are completed.
In the meeting the board addressed two other storm items with an addendum to the Broaddus contract for tornado cleanup to cover all categories from FEMA. Discussed debris to be cleaned out of the ditch by Teters. Also, made a resolution to request permission to help remove debris from private property under certain circumstances. The resolution would have to be approved by FEMA and then the property owner would have to request the help with the board evaluating the situation. The supervisors would have to find it a health hazard and then could proceed with cleanup help.

County Insurance

With the county receiving increases on the last health insurance plan purchase, Leland Speed from Eastover Insurance Group proposed a type of self-insured insurance plan.
He stated, “Since the affordable care act, there has been many changes made. I have a different strategy with a self-insured plan. We can save about $4,000 per head in savings.”
Board president Peterson then commented, “We have a lot of sick people and I’m not sure how well a self insured plan would work.”
Speed outlined, “We are all grouped (under individual marketplace) based on our age and zip code… and if you are over 65 years of age…using this strategy you are mostly self insured but your exposure is only $4,000 per person.”
After sharing many more comments and information, the Board decided to continue research on this plan and contact Leland at a later date for further information and an opinion from the Mississippi Department of Insurance.

In other business:

  • Approved the Veteran’s officer Terry Kelley to replace a copier
  • Approved minutes of May 2014 Board meetings
  • Approved claims docket for $97,000, and the payroll claims docket were approved.
  • $18,889.35 was approved for 4-H to be used for the forestry program
  • $25,000 was approved to pay the Fire Association insurance
  • The purchase order for Bennetts Do It Center for the Extension Office was approved.
  • Approved payments for voting precinct placement to replace storm damaged precinct.
  • Approved payments for materials at new hospital location.
  • Discussed election preparations.
  • Discussed quotes for annual supplies and took under advisement.
  • After discussing a few bids, the meeting was recessed until 12:30.

May 19 Board of Supervisors:

  • Discussed the ongoing project of the terminal building with airport board member Mike Forster. (More In depth article upcoming edition).
  • Heard a request for cleanup help at Dean Park and use of grant funds provided to Friends of Dean Park to be used in the park. Supervisors approved the request after receiving signed letter from Dean park Commission supporting the Friends of Dean park investing their $3,000 ARC grant in the park. The group was hoping to get the park cleared for the Juneteenth Festival but the festival had to be cancelled. Supervisors explained that the county was still working on vital and necessary cleanup and that the removal of logs was up to the school district since it was Sixteen section property.
    “We are just strung out in some many directions,” said Supervisor Luke Parkes.
    Buddy King noted that the county at that time was still waiting on categories like the park to be added to the disaster relief reimbursement.
  • Approved Cash in Bank report for April
  • Discussed the E-911 interlocal agreement with the city and had additional changes made to the agreement to be sent back to the city.
  • Approved objections and acceptances of homestead chargebacks from the state.
  • Approved court reporter expense.
  • Approved election training expenses.
  • Discussed setting up suitable building to replace the Union Hall voting place damaged by the tornado.
  • Approved 16th Section lease.
  • Approved purchase of printer cartridge for purchase clerk.
  • Approved $24,000 emergency purchase for portable potties and plumbing working for temporary hospital.
  • Approve emergency purchases for printing new hospital signage.
  • Approve purchase of food $1,227.
  • Approved purchase order for buddy king, repair or replace fire/law enforcement repeater site for $21,032.71. King noted it was only working intermittently. King added would borrow from county funds and them get FEMA to reimbursement.
  • Discussed FEMA reimbursement for salaries and other costs related to storm cleanup.
  • Discussed temporary fix need on Shiloh Road after receiving several complaints from citizens at the meeting. District 4 Supervisor Gloria Turnipseed noted she had worked on the road but all the work had washed away in the storm. Mike Peterson and Burr Warner explained how it could be fixed and agreed to help place a temporary fix on the bridge for the Memorial event at Shiloh Church. The bridge is on the list for state aid projects to be programmed in the future.

May 5

  • Discussed with MEMA Director Robert Latham a list of questions on recovery and cleanup after the tornado.
    “In a few months you will look back and be surprised by how far you have come,” said Latham.
    The discussion focused mainly on cost share concerns with FEMA, MEMA and the county. The usually cost share is 75 percent FEMA, 25 percent non federal with the county usually paying out 12.5 percent but a special session in the state had the state pickup the full 25 percent.
    Peterson complimented Latham for his efforts and the Governor for his time and help.
  • Discussed setup of the new hospital.
  • Discussed available housing.
  • Discussed the supplemental bridge project in District 5 and Shiloh bridge project with the preliminary work started on the project. Jimmy Kemp county engineer noted they would be able to begin work on when state funds become available.
  • Discussed cleanup contractors and other concerns.
  • Cynthia Norlan made road name change request with Parkes outlining the board policy not to change any road names unless necessary due to other factors.
  • Discussed damage to Teters building and prep for new hospital.
  • Juliette Reese, Community Counseling, dropped off stats of all the clients they had helped over the year and especially during the aftermath of the tornado.
  • Approved purchase of binders for accounts payable office.
  • Reimbursed emergency purchases made for tornado emergency.
  • Acknowledged yearly constable’s report.
  • Tabled Winston County – Noxapater Fire Department Interlocal Agreement.
  • Acknowledged receipt of 2013 national forestry funds – $125,930.33
  • Tabled GTPDD appointments for advisory committee changes.
  • approved Turnipseed to give welcome at Military Order of the Purple Heart Conference, Lake Tiak O’Khata at June 6 at 2 p.m.
  • Approved reappointment of Jimmy Peterson to Mississippi Regional Housing Authority IV, 5 year term
  • Approved temporary hires for Sheriff’s department due to storm
  • Discussed landfill needs due to storm.
  • Discussed damage to Teters building.
  • Discussed hiring consulting Firm Broaduss for after storm work.
  • Discussed job losses due to storm

Editor’s note: The May 19 and May 5 meetings were covered by Joseph McCain.