Supes approve deficit budget

From staff and press reports


The Winston County Board of Supervisors in their Sept. 3 meeting approved a 2013-14 budget with no millage increase but with a deficit of revenues versus expenditures.

The projected revenues for the county in the budget were $3,568,734 and projected expenses of $3,843,242 for a shortfall of $274,508.  The county plans to use excess revenues and fund balance carryovers to cover the possible shortfall.

While the county did not put in place any millage increase some property owners may see a small tax increase based upon changes in valuation of homes and property in the county.

The board also approved a new warden at the Winston Choctaw County Regional Correctional Facility. The board approved Sheriff Jason Pugh’s recommendation of Neal Higgason. Higgason had been serving as Chief Deputy of the Sheriff’s Department. Higganson will still need MDOC approval on the new role. The supervisors also discussed changes at the facility including staff, overtime and staff turnover rates.

In other business, the supervisors:

• Heard a request to change Harper Chapel Road to Forster Farms road. The matter was tabled after a short discussion on the GIS ongoing mapping of the county.

• Accepted grant funds for the new terminal building at the Louisville/Winston County Airport.

“Great asset to the county,” said Mike Peterson who complimented airport board president Mike Forster. Work on the terminal building is set to be completed July 2014. In another grant funded project Forster explained that the landslide repair would be completed soon.

• Discussed Teters ongoing roof repairs and investment from the company, from grant funds and from the rent payments received from the company committed to the project.

• Discussed a Council on Aging to be established in the county. EMA Director Buddy King presented a preliminary list of volunteers to form the new advisory group. King noted that the 14 member group could work toward establishing more senior services in the area and develop a senior center facility.

• Approved 16th section lease.

• Discussed use of Shiloh Road by loggers and request by citizens to correct other roads and detour the trucks away from Shiloh Road. Supervisor Gloria Turnipseed noted that road crews are presently busy on other roads and would check on the matter as soon as possible.

• Approved the monthly claims docket.

• Approved Polo Tax exemption.

• Discussed Dean Park bathroom expense of $250.

• Approved payment of solid waste funds.

• Approved Data Systems contract for computer maintenance.

• Received bids on excess county property of a pistol and trailer.

The supervisors next regular scheduled meeting is set for September 16 at 9 a.m.