Taylor Machine Works offers new technology

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Taylor Machine Works in conjunction with Mobileye have created technology that will assist with aiding safety in work environments.

Taylor Machine Works now offers Vision Plus, a pedestrian detection aid for operators of powered industrial vehicles. The technology is available on new Taylor equipment as well as existing mobile equipment.

Vision Plus is powered by Mobileye, who is the global pioneer in developing advanced collision avoidance systems. Mobileye technology provides ample warning when nearing an object such as a vehicle up ahead or as it veers out of a lane in an unsafe manner and can even detect pedestrians as they cross your driving path.

Vision Plus provides the operator of mobile equipment with real-time information concerning locating and tracking pedestrians in the operating area around the equipped vehicle. Using a series of cameras mounted in various locations on the equipment, the operator is able to monitor pedestrian activity in their immediate area by means of a display module mounted in the operator’s station.

Distinct audible alarms and a system of warning lights warn the operator of a pedestrian within a specific operating range of their equipment.

Around 2008, Taylor Machine Works saw that Mobileye products would be useful on their industrial vehicles as well as any car or truck. Taylor then approached Mobileye and convinced them that industrial applications of the system they developed for cars was worth their time and effort, and began working with Taylor Machine Works.

Product Assurance Manager for Taylor Machine Works Matt Hillyer ,who has been hands-on with bringing this technology to their industrial vehicles, knew that the two companies were a perfect fit. “The potential was so evident to us,” Hillyer said.

After working on numerous prototypes and demos for several years, Taylor Machine Works and Mobileye created Vision Plus. The initial launch and installation of the first Vision Plus device was on Taylor Machine Works’ own lift trucks in 2011. The partnership of Taylor Machine Works and Mobileye will help them develop this product not only for industrial use, but potentially in city bus applications as well.

“It has always been part of our plan to help develop a product we could market in industrial and other settings,” Hillyer said. “It has been our philosophy from the start to to enhance the safety of pedestrians and show that this is a viable system.”

Hillyer explained some more about the system itself. “This system offers a coverage area all the way around the vehicle and produces proper warnings for the situation,” Hillyer said. “The system is customizable for the needs of the equipment. It is an independent mobile system that can be calibrated and set up to work with most mobile machinery.”

Taylor Machine Works felt that with their experience with industrial equipment and the environment it is used in, the system would reflect their knowledge. “As a builder of industrial equipment we understand the challenges of the work environment and can help the customer make decisions about their safety needs,” Hillyer said.

As far as production of the device, Taylor Machine Works is looking to make a smart decision of allowing popular demand to decide. “We are working with several market factors and will move forward with the production on the vision pedestrian detection aid as the market dictates,” Hillyer said. “The customer dictates the need and we can fit those needs and keep it cost effective.”

Taylor is hoping to expand the technology beyond the industrial and consumer automobile world. “We have had interests on other products such as city buses, garbage trucks, and mining equipment, “ Hillyer said. “We are presently testing a system for city buses.”

If you are interested in Vision Plus technology and would like more information, please visit www.visionplussafety.com.


An illustration of how the system works.

An illustration of how the system works.